Saturday, October 1, 2011

September 26, 2011 E-Mail and Pictures!

What a crazy week!!! The first really cool thing that happened was that we had a visit from a seventy, Elder Lynn G. Robbins. It was awesome. He didn't just focus on things here in the mission, but things for life. It was all about how we have 100% agency for all we do, which means we also have 100% responsibility of all of our actions. He talked to us about being good parents and stuff, that part was sort of weird. It was really cool though because we got to be with him almost all day. Because all of the zone leaders and district leaders met with him for a few hours before the rest of the missionaries did. We have been really blessed to be in the presence of general authorities recently. It has been awesome! I think it has lifted the mission quite a bit.
Now for some more exciting news, we had a wedding this week! And a baptism! It was crazy and I'm never going to plan another wedding as long as I live. The fun started last Monday night when they went to get there marriage license and they showed up about 10 minutes to late. Well in Washington there is a three day waiting period between the time you get the license and the wedding. The day they were going to get married was Friday. So that meant the only day they could get there license was on Tuesday or else it was to late. But Jesus works about 40 minutes away and stays up there all week long because he can't afford gas to come down to Wenatchee. And Desiree is currently out of a car and she lives about 20 minutes from the courthouse where you get the marriage license. Thank goodness for awesome church members!!! We were able to make it all happen. Sister Olson, an awesome Sister of the ward went and picked up Desiree and the kids and took her to the courthouse. Then the one and amazing Brother Pedersen saved the day again. He drove my companion and I up to where Jesus was working and we picked him up then brought him back to Wenatchee then Brother Pedersen drove him back up after. He also saves us I swear. Well we were at the courthouse waiting for Sister Olson and Desiree to get there. They told us that they had to be there by 4:30 and they showed up at like 4:31. It was a close one, but they got the license and all went well. God had his hand in everything we did this week. So Monday night they had there baptismal interviews and all was well, Tuesday they got the license. So we thought we had jumped the main hurdles. We were wrong. Thursday night we were setting up for the wedding and it was getting late and we needed to get home. We had a member there helping us, but we didn't just want to leave her hanging on her own. It just happened to be that a bunch of young single adults were there who could help set up. So we were able to leave and they set it all up. Friday we had everything planned out. We had a lady going down to pick up Desiree at 4:30 then go to the church to do her hair and do all that girl stuff. Well at 4:35 we were in a meeting with our bishop and we got a text saying she couldn't do it. So 2 hours before the wedding we had to find someone that could do her hair and go get her. We were freaking out and didn't really know what to do. And Desiree was also starting to have like a nervous break down. We were calling everyone and it just wasn't working out. Then we drove by the church and saw a ladies car there who we thought could do it. We drove up and she wasn't even there, but it turns out that another guy was there and he was like oh just call my wife she could do it. So she came straight to the church. Now we just needed a ride for Desiree. She had asked a member to get her some shoes and bring them to the church. Well the member just felt prompted at that exact time to go and take the shoes to Desiree. She got there right as Desiree was starting to worry and not know what to do. She also surprised her with a sweet wedding dress and she drove her to the church. That was Sister Olson again saving the day. Then we got a call saying that Jesus needed a ride from there house to the wedding. So we called everyone we could think of and no one could do that. Right as we hung up with the last person, a couple showed up to the wedding about 45 minutes early. They had gone and got dinner and felt for some reason that they should just go to the church and eat it. Well the guy was able to take us to pick up Jesus. We went down and took him the tux that someone let us borrow and then we came back. By the time we got back there were tons of people just helping Desiree and taking care of her kids and everything. Everything worked out!!! It was amazing it all came together. Without the spirit working in members lives, it wouldn't have happened. Then they were baptized on Saturday, and confirmed on Sunday. This week wore me out more than any other week I think! But it all happened and it was all because of the great members here. We had members from all of the wards helping. And that was our week!
I love the mission! And I love the people, including members and investigators. I'm so grateful for this gospel and for repentance. It has been great seeing people's lives change, including my own. I know that Christ is our Savior and that through him we can be cleansed. Through reading the Book of Mormon we can come so close to him. I love you all so much and thanks for everything! Have a great week!

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