Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 30, 2012 E-Mail

This week really flew by so I can't remember much that happened. We are excited for this Saturday because our investigator Ashley should be getting baptized. She is really excited and is getting a lot of support from her husband's family as well as the ward. This ward doesn't have very many convert baptisms, so when there is one. They get very excited. The last baptism before this one was last January if I remember right.
Yesterday we went to our PEC meeting and the Bishop called on my companion to say the opening prayer. After he said well the reason why we picked on Elder Soderberg to say the prayer was because.... Well I thought he was going to say because that will be his last meeting in that ward. But that's not what he said. He said because I'm going to ask his companion Elder Schvaneveldt to speak in sacrament meeting. And I hate speaking! Especially at last minute. But it went really well. I spoke with some old guy and he told me he could take up anytime that I couldn't. But I took up my 12 minutes and it went alright.
We had a pretty neat experience this week. Our appointments had fallen through and we didn't really know what to do because it was later at night and our teaching pool is really small right now. Well we felt prompted to go see a guy we have been working with. We got there and he was just completely drunk. At first he was being sort of comical and he invited us in. Well then he got really sad and was even crying on my companions shoulder. That part was pretty funny. but he has been through a lot because he has a couple of kids and doesn't get to see them often and he's been to Iraq and stuff too. So his life has been tough. Well he told us he just wanted to kill himself because he had nothing to live for. All I could really think of doing was to give him a blessing. So we gave him a blessing and right after he was different. He asked us why we came over and we told him because we felt prompted to. He told us that if we wouldn't have came over that night that he probably would have killed himself. I'm not sure if he really would have or not, but it was neat to see how the Lord works. Either way it was obvious that he needed our help that night.
Last night I also found out that one of my investigators in Wenatchee is going to get baptized this coming Saturday. Her name is Kathy, you may remember me talking to her. She was really strong in another church and was actually the reason why the Christian Orthodox church went to Wenatchee. Well Elder Kurtz called and told me that he saw her on Saturday at a baptism and he went to say goodbye to her because he goes home soon. She told him how she wished she would have been on the ball earlier so that she could get baptized while the first missionaries that taught her were still there. Well that night at 2 in the morning she woke up and she couldn't sleep and all she could do was think about the conversation she had with Elder Kurtz. So she texted the missionaries and asked if their was any way she could be baptized before Elder Kurtz went home. That made me really happy. I was hoping she would get baptized when I was in that area but she was having some health issues and other road blocks. It's so great to see people accept the gospel and receive all of the blessings included with it.
I'm so grateful for the Gospel and the comfort it has given me during rough times. And also the happiness it has given me during good times. I know that this gospel is true. I know that God is our Father in Heaven and that Christ is the Son of God and our Savior. I know that this church is true and that it was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. I hope you all have a great week! And thanks for everything!

Love Elder Schvaneveldt

January 23, 2012 E-Mail

Well it sounds like it was a long stressful week for everyone. I'm glad that Grandpa's graveside service went well. Was he buried in North Ogden? It makes me sad to know that he is gone, but happier to know that he's not suffering and that he's with those loved ones that passed before him. I'm sure he's happy as well. It was a pretty slow week for us as far as teaching and finding go. The weather hasn't been the greatest and that always slows things down. It's been snowing and doing ice rain. Luckily we have a car and are not on bikes. Our investigator Ashley is still doing very well and looking forward to the 4th to be baptized. Her husband also found out that he will be able to baptize her. They're accepting all of the commandments with no problem and living all of them. We taught them the word of wisdom a couple of weeks ago and she hasn't smoked since. We also taught them about tithing and as soon as we mentioned it they told us that is what they had talked about while they were eating dinner, and yes, that they were willing to pay it. And that's about the most exciting thing of the week. We got to shovel some snow for people which I always like doing because I really miss the physical part about work. The emotional part seems to be harder on my body than the physical part. Before I forget, a couple of weeks ago I was at a stake meeting in Ephrata because that is a stake in our zone as well. I met a guy in the stake presidency, his name is President Yates and he is from Quincy. Anyways, he said that he knew Grandpa Schvaneveldt quite well. I guess His dad worked with him or something. I didn't quite catch the whole story of how they know each other. But I'm sure that Grandpa Schvaneveldt will remember him. I've decided that if I ever was a bum or homeless that I would easily be able to survive. Yesterday we went and decided to knock some doors after our dinner appointment and before our next appointment. Well the third door we knocked on some lady came out and told us that they were having a dinner party and invited us back another time. As we were walking off we heard the door open again and she hollered for us to come back. So we did and they invited us in for dinner. I'm not sure that has every happened to me before with an american person. None of them were members or anything. But they were just nice people. And a few of them were a little intoxicated. They may or may not have had something to do with it. But that let me know that if I was every a bum I would just go door to door and get some good home cooked meals. Well that was pretty much our week. Things are a little slow but still going well. I love this gospel and I'm so grateful for it in my life. I'm so grateful for the plan of salvation and the knowledge that we have that we will see our loved ones again. I love Grandpa so much but I know he is happier and that we will get to see him again. Have great week!

Love Elder Schvaneveldt

January 18, 2012 E-Mail

Well yesterday right after lunch I got a call from Sister Palmer letting me know that Grandpa wasn't doing well. As you can imagine, that was something very difficult for me and I didn't really know what to do. We just happened to be at the church doing some paperwork so I just sat for a long time in silence. My companion has been very loving and understanding through the whole deal because he lost his aunt about 6 months into his mission. It also was very unexpected. Things were going great because after receiving e-mails on Monday I thought that he would be okay and that he would get to go home. I guess I just didn't realize how bad he was. To this point I still don't realize and it's hard to understand that he is gone. The Grandpa I know is 100% healthy. It was a long day yesterday and a long night last night not knowing if he had passed or if he was just suffering. This morning I got a call from the Mission President letting me know that he had passed. I was sad but at the same time comforted. I know he is in a better place. I also know how bad he missed Mike. Well now he is just hanging out with him having a good old time. This morning all I could really think of doing was to read the scriptures. So I opened up to Alma 40 and just started to read. I was very comforted as I came across a few verses, mainly 11 and 12. I now know that Grandpa has gone back home to the God that gave him life. I also know that he was one of the most righteous persons that I know. While reading verse 12 I realized that he is in a state of happiness, rest, and peace. He is happier now than he ever has been. To be honest I'm probably dealing with this a lot better here than I would if I were there. After talking to President Palmer this morning he helped me realize that it's better to remember someone when they are strong and healthy rather than when they are weak and suffering. He also told me that Grandpa has just gone on a mission. Similar to how I can't just pick up the phone and call you all, Grandpa can't pick up the phone and call us. But he is still there. He is just participating in a greater work. And better yet, he's doing it with Mike. I'm so grateful for the close relationship I was able to develop with him. As you all know, he is my hero and means so much to me. He taught me so much and I'm grateful for that. I will never forget those things. Many people don't get the chance to know their grandparents. I am extremely blessed with the grandparents I have and all they have done for me. I know that the gospel is true. I know that Heavenly Father has an eternal plan for all of us. And I know that Grandpa lived up to his potential and that everything will be okay. I'm so grateful for the temples and the priesthood power here on the earth today that was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. I'm so grateful that I'm sealed to all of you and that we will all be one big happy family in heaven. I'm extremely sad, but at the same time I am very comforted in the atoning power of our Saviour Jesus Christ. He didn't only pay the price for our sins but also for our pains and sorrows. Through prayer and study of the scriptures I have felt that work in my life at this difficult time. I'm grateful that he is not suffering anymore and that he left peacefully. We were sitting in a meeting last night with the stake presidency and one of them is on chemo. I was so grateful that Grandpa didn't have to experience any of that crap and that he went quickly. I'm also grateful for getting to see him and talk to him on Christmas. Take good care of Grandma and I'll be there soon to help. Understand that as we live the gospel and follow the plan of salvation that we have nothing to worry about. As we are worthy, we will be accepted into the celestial kingdom. Our time here is but little. Our time there is for eternity. You're in my thoughts and I pray that you may all be comforted at this time. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers in my behalf. I'm doing well. I love you all so much and appreciate the love and support I get from all of you.

Love, Kade

January 16, 2012 E-Mail

It's been a pretty good week but things have just flown by. We had a lot of meetings and trainings again this week so we really weren't able to work in our own area a whole lot. But things are going great. Seth and Ashley that I talked about last week are doing really well. They came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it. They even announced her baptism. They never do that the first week that they come to church. We were able to teach them a few times this week and one of the times was about the word of wisdom. They both have a little problem but quit right then and there. It was really neat to see that. There is no doubt in my mind that I was transferred to this area partially just for them. It's nothing that I did, but it's just the way that God works.
As you can imagine, Grandpa has been on my mind quite a bit. It was neat because I got to teach the plan of salvation last night to Seth and Ashley. While teaching them I just felt the spirit telling me that the things I was sharing were true. As I related how I had never really worried about the plan of salvation in my own life because I've never been around birth really or death. Being the baby of the family and Tydan not being born until after I was gone. Well I told them how the plan of salvation had been on my mind more than ever over the past week. As I testified of it, I was very comforted in knowing that God does what He does for a reason. Sometimes we don't know why. I was also able to be with the Mission President a lot this past week because of different meetings that we had and he gave me a blessing of comfort and I know that helped.
On top of all this, on Saturday we went to Spokane and listened to Elder Holland of the twelve and Elder Bussey of the seventy. That was a wonderful experience and we even got to shake their hands. They talked about many things such as remaining active in the church after the mission, revelation, and the book of mormon. But really what I learned is that we just need to go on with faith regardless of what stumbling blocks fall in the way. We don't have the answers to everything, but that's where faith comes in. If we had answers to everything then there would be no point in being here. It's all part of our progression. At the end Elder Holland left us with a blessing. He talked about how regardless of what is going on at home, God would take care of it. And that's really what caught my attention. That's sort of my week in a nutshell.
I know that these things are true. I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father. He has a purpose for all of us. As we continue on with faith and follow the gospel of Jesus Christ, we will be able to return to live with Him and with our loved ones forever. I hope you all have a great week!

Love Elder Schvaneveldt

January 9, 2012 E-Mail

Well I was a little sad to hear that grandpa is in the hospital. I'm glad he's improving but that's a little scary that he's in the icu.
We had fast Sunday yesterday because of the New Year the week before.  I was debating what to fast for. I was obviously going to fast for Grandpa but then the letter I got from mom made me think that everything was fine. For some reason I still felt prompted to fast for him. I'm glad I did. I will continue to pray for him.
We had a really good week here. In fact I think I found out the reason why I was sent to this area. We got a referral from some Elders in a different area. A kid who lives in our ward boundaries who isn't active called his dad and said he wanted the missionaries to come over to give him a blessing because he has been sick. So his dad told the missionaries and they told us. The guys name is Seth. I gave him a call and set up an appointment. His voice sounded really familiar but I didn't know where from. Then we went over for our appointment and I saw him and he looked so familiar but I still wasn't sure where from. So I wasn't going to say anything. Well he then told me that I looked really familiar. We got talking and realized that I met him in Warden, my first area. It would have been in my first or second area. I know it wasn't coincidence that I met him forever ago and now we crossed paths again. In the mean time he has gotten married to a non-member named Ashley and they want to come back to church. We took them on a church tour last night and asked why they came. Well they didn't really have an answer so we started the tour and right when we started his wife said... "oh yeah, I'm thinking about getting baptized." It was awesome to see that miracle. By the end of the tour she accepted the date of February 4th to be baptized.  They are super prepared people. And it's great to see a husband that is supportive of what his wife wants to do when it comes to the gospel. A lot of the time a spouse gets in the way.
Something else really cool happened this week. We had a couple days of training and on the last day, President Palmer told us that Elder Holland would be in our mission next Saturday and that he will take an
hour and a half to talk to us. So next Saturday we get to go to Spokane and be taught by Elder Holland.
My testimony this week was really strengthened in revelation. Just thinking how our mission president is inspired on where he sends us.  I think I have seen in all of my areas that I was there for a specific person. I know that God still speaks today. To us individually, and to those that have the priesthood keys for certain people. I love this gospel and I know that it's true. Have a great week.

Love Elder Schvaneveldt

Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 2, 2012 E-Mail

We had a great week but nothing really exciting happened.  New Years Eve was great.  We were given permission to watch one of a few movies.  So we chose to watch 17 miracles.  It's a great movie but quite the tear jerker.  There was also a baptism for some other missionaries that night and my companion spoke at it so we went there.  After we went home and fell asleep.  I can't believe it's 2012!  We went on exchanges this week with the spanish elders in our zone, it was nice to be able to speak all spanish again.  Our personal area has really struggled with finding and teaching, but the day of exchanges my companion and another elder found a couple of investigators.  So that was a miracle for us.  I'm really excited that the holidays are over.  Now people will have to come up with another excuse to not listen to us.  Even our investigators told us that they were to busy to meet with us for the week.  We spent a lot of time just trying to meet members on the ward list.  My companion was only here for 5 weeks before me so he doesn't know people to well.  One of the best ways recently in our mission to find new investigators is to take active members on church tours and then ask them if they have any friends they can invite.  Well church tours started here in our ward about a year ago so a lot of the active members haven't been on one for a long time.  We are going to start doing those again and hopefully that will help our work pick up.
This week is going to be a crazy one.  We have our zone leader council meeting in Spokane tomorrow and then a couple more training meetings later on in the week here in Moses lake.  I think we will be in meetings for about 20 hours this week.  It should be good to help uplift us and increase the work.
One investigator we are working with named Dean is doing well and progressing.  But he has a hard time with the word of wisdom.  He has been to Iraq a few times and has a hard time sleeping because of nightmares and things.  So a little alcohol helps him sleep at night.  We are trying to help him strengthen his faith in Christ so that he can let Christ take that away from him and help him.  He's a great guy he has just been through a lot and is going through a lot still.  And honestly that was pretty much our week.  Hopefully things will get better.  Things are actually going great and the time is flying by so fast that a lot more probably happened this week I just can't remember it.
This week we have talked a lot about the plan of salvation in many lessons and also in church and things.  I know that God has designed a perfect plan for us.  He has done it all just so we can be happy.  I know that he sent His only Begotten Son to the earth to atone for our sins.  I am so grateful for that.  I love you all so much.  Thanks for everything.  Have a great week!
Love Elder Schvaneveldt