Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 18, 2012 E-Mail

Well yesterday right after lunch I got a call from Sister Palmer letting me know that Grandpa wasn't doing well. As you can imagine, that was something very difficult for me and I didn't really know what to do. We just happened to be at the church doing some paperwork so I just sat for a long time in silence. My companion has been very loving and understanding through the whole deal because he lost his aunt about 6 months into his mission. It also was very unexpected. Things were going great because after receiving e-mails on Monday I thought that he would be okay and that he would get to go home. I guess I just didn't realize how bad he was. To this point I still don't realize and it's hard to understand that he is gone. The Grandpa I know is 100% healthy. It was a long day yesterday and a long night last night not knowing if he had passed or if he was just suffering. This morning I got a call from the Mission President letting me know that he had passed. I was sad but at the same time comforted. I know he is in a better place. I also know how bad he missed Mike. Well now he is just hanging out with him having a good old time. This morning all I could really think of doing was to read the scriptures. So I opened up to Alma 40 and just started to read. I was very comforted as I came across a few verses, mainly 11 and 12. I now know that Grandpa has gone back home to the God that gave him life. I also know that he was one of the most righteous persons that I know. While reading verse 12 I realized that he is in a state of happiness, rest, and peace. He is happier now than he ever has been. To be honest I'm probably dealing with this a lot better here than I would if I were there. After talking to President Palmer this morning he helped me realize that it's better to remember someone when they are strong and healthy rather than when they are weak and suffering. He also told me that Grandpa has just gone on a mission. Similar to how I can't just pick up the phone and call you all, Grandpa can't pick up the phone and call us. But he is still there. He is just participating in a greater work. And better yet, he's doing it with Mike. I'm so grateful for the close relationship I was able to develop with him. As you all know, he is my hero and means so much to me. He taught me so much and I'm grateful for that. I will never forget those things. Many people don't get the chance to know their grandparents. I am extremely blessed with the grandparents I have and all they have done for me. I know that the gospel is true. I know that Heavenly Father has an eternal plan for all of us. And I know that Grandpa lived up to his potential and that everything will be okay. I'm so grateful for the temples and the priesthood power here on the earth today that was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. I'm so grateful that I'm sealed to all of you and that we will all be one big happy family in heaven. I'm extremely sad, but at the same time I am very comforted in the atoning power of our Saviour Jesus Christ. He didn't only pay the price for our sins but also for our pains and sorrows. Through prayer and study of the scriptures I have felt that work in my life at this difficult time. I'm grateful that he is not suffering anymore and that he left peacefully. We were sitting in a meeting last night with the stake presidency and one of them is on chemo. I was so grateful that Grandpa didn't have to experience any of that crap and that he went quickly. I'm also grateful for getting to see him and talk to him on Christmas. Take good care of Grandma and I'll be there soon to help. Understand that as we live the gospel and follow the plan of salvation that we have nothing to worry about. As we are worthy, we will be accepted into the celestial kingdom. Our time here is but little. Our time there is for eternity. You're in my thoughts and I pray that you may all be comforted at this time. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers in my behalf. I'm doing well. I love you all so much and appreciate the love and support I get from all of you.

Love, Kade

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