Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 19, 2011 E-Mail

It has been another one of those crazy weeks that has just flown by. Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes and the testimonies you sent me. I had a great birthday last week thanks to you all. It's pretty weird turning 21. Especially as a mormon. Because nothing changes! I guess that's a good thing! It sounds like you all had a great time at the family reunion too.
On Friday we had something pretty cool happen. We had been at the church pretty much all day between our meetings we had and planning and things. So it was driving us nuts just being there so we took off to do some work. Well we went to the trailer park where we had planned to tract and neither of us really felt like that was the place to be. So we talked about it for a minute and we decided that we would go to a different place where we had been tracting the day before. We went there and the first door we knocked on a lady answered and was really nice. Her name is Maribel. She told us how her husband had talked to missionaries in the past but that he was busy at the moment. We asked if we could come back in 15 minutes and she said sure. So we went back and he invited us right in. It was another one of those situations where I thought it was going to be a bash but he was the nicest most sincere guy. His name is Selvin. We talked for a while and it turns out he even went to church once but because of his work schedule he couldn't keep attending. Since then his schedule has changed. On Saturday they came to the church and did a church tour then they stayed for an activity that took place. It was awesome. They were trying to make it to church yesterday but couldn't make it. I'm pretty excited to see what comes of it.
The spanish branch is the one who put on the activity but they invited the whole stake. I think they said like 300 people came. It was basically a multicultural celebration thing. So there was a lot of food and some talents. Right when it started we were told that all of the missionaries would be singing called to serve in spanish. It went well. And the food was awesome! The day before they had gone and killed a couple of pigs. One of them they cooked in a hole in the ground however they do that. They other I'm not sure how they cooked it. Spanish branch activities are always the best.
Jesus and Desiree are still doing well. They are going to get there marriage license today and will be having a baptismal interview tonight also. Satan is really trying to make things hard on them. He will do anything he can to destroy a family. Yesterday they got in a really big fight. We showed up at just the right time and had the perfect team teacher with us to help the situation. It's funny how the Lord works like that. Then while my companion was teaching Jesus in Spanish I was able to just talk to Desiree in english and really help her out. She was telling me how her mind was telling her not to go through with it, but her heart was. So I was able to teach her about the spirit and how it communicates with us. Both of them have changed so much and just want to come closer to God and do what God wants them to do. My companion and I have been doing a lot of praying for them.
I know that God is our Heavenly Father and that He is well aware of everything that is going on in our lives. Through prayer we can communicate with Him and He can help us. He listens and He answers. I know this gospel is true. Thank you so much for all you do!!!

Love Elder Schvaneveldt

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