Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011 E-Mail

We had a great week this week and we are finally seeing some progression.  Yesterday was another tough Sunday.  Jeff, the guy who has been paralyzed and really wants to come to church, almost made it yesterday!  We had a ride to go get him and everything.  Well he was a little to big for the van that we had to go pick him up.  So he didn't quite make it again.  But we are going to try again next week.  We did have some great lessons this week.  One of them was with a lady named Idalia.  We met her a while ago tracting and went back to see her.  It was a really spiritual lesson about the restoration of the gospel.  She really enjoyed what we were teaching and she actually understood it.  She accepted a date to be baptized but that might be changed because she is working in the harvest right now picking apples.  That makes it really hard for people to get to church.  A guy in another area asked his boss for a Sunday off so he could be baptized and confirmed.  His boss almost fired him on the spot.  But the harvest should shortly be coming to an end.  Another great lesson was with Chad and Melissa.  They have found a lot of anti material and when we were there they pulled out the computer and brought up a website that said, "50 questions to ask a mormon."  The things were so untrue but they had no idea.  Anyways, the spirit was not real strong while we were talking about those things.  Then we had them go to instead and look up a video.  As soon as they did, the spirit came in the room so strong.  It was awesome.  Then again that is the job of the spirit, to testify of truth.  And it for sure did that as we watched a clip on that website.  Speaking of that, my profile has finally been accepted.  Those were probably the two main lessons.  We got to do some service too.  A lady in the ward had a heart attack so we went and cleaned out her chicken coops for her and also helped her husband rip down an old shed.  That was pretty fun.  He's a crazy old guy and I thought he was going to kill himself.
Sounds like things back home have been pretty crazy.  Dad being in Japan, Seth and Sierra trying to get into there house, all the dogs since Sis and Justin were in Barbados, then Ty and Bree being in Arizona.  Maybe things will calm down soon.  I couldn't believe that story you sent about the neighbors.  That's to bad the girl wasn't living when they found her.  I'm curious to hear more about that.  This week I decided to have my messed up toe nail taken off.  It wasn't really bothering me, but every so often I would have to basically do my own surgery on it and that wasn't to fun.  And there is a pediatrist here in one of the wards so he just ripped it off and killed the cells.  It didn't really hurt much but he did it on Saturday evening so he didn't want me working anymore that night.  We had a great church tour set up, so I went to the Pedersen's and watched church movies with Bro. Pedersen and my companion went and did the church tour with another member.  I'm excited to meet the guy because Elder Kurtz said he is really cool.  This transfer is going by so fast it's nuts.  I think in a couple of weeks we are going to go to the temple.  I'm excited because it will only be my second time my whole mission.  I miss it.  I'm also going to Spokane tomorrow.  Because we are Zone Leaders we go on exchanges with the Assistants.  They are coming out tomorrow and then I'm going back with on of them for the day.  It's a pretty far drive just to be there and work the area for the day, but I'm excited.  Considering I was called to the Spokane mission and haven't been near there my whole mission.  But I know the Lord puts us in the areas we need to be in for a reason.  At our dinner last night we were talking to the member about that.  It just made me really think about how there is no such thing as a coincidence.  God knows what He's doing.  That's something that my testimony has been strengthened in.  I love this work and I love this gospel.  I know this is the only true church.  Thanks for everything!!  Have a great week.
Love Elder Schvaneveldt

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