Monday, November 7, 2011

October 31, 2011 E-Mail

So far this transfer has gone by faster than any other transfer. Although we still have a couple of weeks left but it feels like it just barely got started. Last Tuesday I spent the day in Spokane. We drove out early on Tuesday morning and got back really late on Tuesday night. That's the first time I have done exchanges with the assistants. We should do move, but we are just so far away from them that it's hard. But it was a really good day. We taught some really good lessons. I haven't really taught anyone without somewhat of a christian background and we taught one girl who was buddhist. That was really neat. Especially to watch her say one of her first prayers ever to God. I love watching baptisms and things, but there is nothing to me as spiritual as watching someone say a sincere prayer for the first time ever. On our way back to Wenatchee, Elder Eardley took me by one of the billboards in Spokane. I told him he would have to point it out to me and all he told me was that no he wouldn't have to. We came around the corner and there it was just huge. It definately sticks out more than anything else. And the crazy part is that it has a special light about it. There are many other billboards by it with lights on them and everything, but they do not light up like that one. It was awesome to see that. Then on Wednesday morning we got to go do some service. I think I already talked about the member who had open heart surgery and can't do much so we have been going by to help her. Well her husband is a none member and we got to help him some more on building his shed. He has met with the missionaries tons of times and has never really progressed. But his home teacher had a very loving and bold conversation with him the other day and told him that he just needs to make a decision because he basically already knows that the church is true. We will see what comes of that. But it was really fun getting to help him. Then on Thursday we got to help a lady move. I love doing actual physical labor every once in a while.
Yesterday was a great day at church. Jeff, the guy in the wheelchair, finally made it and loved it. But man, were we stressing. His ride was having vehicle problems and was about 40 minutes late. So we were sitting in sacrament meeting just waiting and waiting. Sundays as a missionary are not days of rest. They finally showed up and he stayed for all three meeting and loved it and wants to come back. It felt really good to finally be able to help him get to church. We also had another investigator there named John who will be baptized within the next couple of weeks. We were teaching him for a while and lost contact for about a month. He had moved and things. He is 21 and goes to the young single adult branch. Well we called him the other day and got to go back and see him. He has read all of doctrine and convenants and is in 4th nephi of the Book of Mormon. A month ago he wasn't ready to be baptized. But after reading that much he changed his mind. We are just waiting for him to get his work schedule to actually set a date. He is an awesome guy. The sad news it that Chris didn't come to church yesterday so he can't be baptized on the 12th anymore. But we had an awesome lesson with him last night and his date got changed to Thanksgiving day. So all is still going well here. You might not get an e-mail next week. And if you do, it will probably be on Wednesday. We are going to the temple so our p-day is going to be changed.
I'm so grateful to be a missionary and to help other's come unto Christ. We have really tried to raise the bar a little bit the last couple weeks and have been working so hard. It's been so great to see the changes that others are making in there lives. I know that the Spirit is real and that it is everything in this work. I know that it leads and guides us to the places that we need to be. I love you all and thanks for everything!

Love Elder Schvaneveldt

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