Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 21, 2011 E-Mail

Our week started off great. Last p-day we had a church tour scheduled that went really well. Her name is Tabitha. I can't remember if I talked about her or not last week. Well she really enjoyed it and plans on coming to church. She wasn't able to make it yesterday because she went to a baptism at a different church for a friend of hers. We also gave a few more church tours. I love giving them because the majority of the time the spirit is really strong. Another one was to a young couple named Stefanny and Rodrigo. She is 17 and he is 18. They just barely had a baby about 2 weeks ago. Stefanny is a member and somehow the bishop got there number and passed it onto us. So we got in contact with them and started to teach them. Stefanny wants to come back and Rodrigo seems some what interested but you can see the fear he has of what his family might say because they are all catholic. They also were going to come to church yesterday but they hate going out in the cold with the brand new baby. And the weather the last few days hasn't been the best. It finally snowed! There is a guy here named Victor and he is a less active. I have been visiting him since I got to the area and trying to help him return to activity in the church. Well he has picked up some bad habits and gone through a lot of things and feels bad about coming back. So we went to see him the other night and he has a girlfriend living with him and he told us that she was interested in the church. We took them on a church tour as well and they came to church yesterday and seemed to really enjoy it. She wants to be baptized but has some things they need to take care of first. Then another church tour we had was with two girls and both of there names are Olivia. We had talked to one of there moms a long time ago and felt like we should go back to the house. Saturday night we went back and met Olivia and set up a church tour for last night. She said her whole family would be there. So we went to the house on Sunday to have them follow us to the church, I had very little faith that it was actually going to go through. Well the girl was there and said that her family had actually gone out of town but she wanted to come and her friend Olivia wanted to as well. We were glad to finally find some young single adults. That has been something that we have been struggling with since we were put to work in that branch as well. They might not come to church this week because of the holiday weekend. But they did want to come another time.
We should be having a baptism this week as well. I think I told you about John. Well he is a really cool 21 year old. He has now read all of the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants. He is planning on being baptized the day before Thanksgiving. He should have been baptized a long time ago!
Now for the crazy story of the week. The sisters had met this guy and invited him on a church tour but they didn't really feel comfortable around him. So we took him on the tour. He came to the church and the sisters introduced us to him and then they left. We took him over to start the tour and we always ask the people why they come on tours. Well his reply was one I had never heard of before. He told us it was because one of the sisters was so beautiful and how that was his dream girl. This dude was like in his 40's or 50's. Pretty creepy. Well we continued with the tour and didn't even get done because there was a stake dance going on and the music was really distracting. Anyways he said he would come to there church services Sunday morning. So we had to go to the sisters sacrament meeting and tell them to go to a different one. He came in late and had his coffee and we were in the foyer because it was during the sacrament. I was really hoping he just wouldn't come. We waited out in the foyer and the guy was making some rude comments about some disabled children in the foyer then the deacon came out and offered him the water and in return he offered the deacon some coffee.... So we went in after the sacrament and about half way through the talk he got up and went out. We followed him out and he said it just wasn't for him. He told us his intentions of coming were to make that sister his wife... So I had to un invite him to church. That's a first. We just told him he was welcome there to learn more of Christ. But that was not appropriate if he was coming to see the sister and then asked him not to come back if that was his intentions. So I don't think he will be back.
Saturday morning we were moving firewood for a family that I moved firewood for last year. Well I was carrying the first box and it didn't weigh much at all. Maybe like 30 pounds. Well I set it down and threw out my back. It hurt like heck. I couldn't even bend over at all. It still hurts pretty bad but I went to a chiropracter last night and he adjusted me. We will see if that makes a difference over the next couple of days. I sure hope it does. And right after we moved the wood the sisters called and asked us to come help and move an investigator. So that didn't help out at all. But other than that it was a great week! Dad asked if we find out about transfers early as zone leaders. We find out on Saturday night usually and everyone else finds out on Sunday night.
I'm so grateful for this gospel in my life and for all of you. I'm grateful for all the blessings that God has given me. I'm so grateful for His plan that He has for every single one of us. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!! Hopefully this gets to Jared because I wanted to tell him happy birthday! Have a great week!

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