Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 3, 2011 E-Mail

This week has been pretty slow. I haven't been feeling really good for

about half of the week, but we still got out and worked everyday. But

it was tough finding people home or people who would listen. I'm

excited for the Holidays to be over and for lives to get back to

normal. We did have an awesome experience on Monday night though. We

got a phone call from Cody, who is a member. Well him and Megan got

married on New Years Eve, and that's all that was keeping her from

being baptized. But we thought it would be a while before she got

baptized because he wanted to do it. Well he called Monday night and

asked when transfers was. I told him the 23rd. So he asked if Megan

could be baptized on the 22nd and that they really wanted me to do it

and that's why they wanted to do it then to make sure it was before I

get transferred just in case. So Megan will be baptized on the 22nd.

We are praying that Cody will be able to do it, but if not I was pretty

excited that they really wanted me to do it. So that will be a very

exciting day. She has been coming to church pretty much since last

April. That was for sure the highlight of the week. New Years was

fun. We went to dinner to Red Robbin as a district then we went and

watched The Other Side of Heaven. And that was about it.

Last Tuesday we had quite the experience. We were going with the other

Elders into there area to go help them do service at a none members

house. This guy has a daughter who is a member and he just had a crazy

surgery and lives clear up on the mountains where there is no power or

running water and it snows a lot. It's like a 45 minute drive for us.

Well his truck was having problems so that's why they took me. Well

anyways we got off the main road and onto this dirt road to go to there

house. Well it was pretty much just ice packed. Well Elder Mudrow was

driving, and he came to a corner and the car didn't want to slow down

so it went straight into a huge snow bank. So that was pretty fun

other than the car got high centered. So we tried getting it out and

couldn't do it. So we figured we would go fix the guys truck then he

could come pull us out. So we got to his house and I was able to fix

his truck so he could pull us out. So he got us out and then Elder

Mudrow realized that he had lost his phone. So they guy took him back

to look for it and he couldn't find it so we just left. We got back

and he used our phone to call the mission office to tell them what

happened. They told him it would cost him $300. So the next day we

called Brother Pedersen to take us back up to search for the phone. So

after the really long drive we got up there and started looking and

said a prayer. Well we didn't find it. So then we went to another

place where it could be and there it was burried in the snow. So

prayer works! Then on the way down the montain we stopped off the main

road to look at the view. Well Elder Mudrow fell down. So jokingly

Sister Pedersen asked him if he had the phone and he said yes. Well we

got home and he realized he didn't have it. So he had to drive back up

the mountain and find it again where he fell. But he found it and it

works! So he didn't have to pay for it. That's my crazy expereience

of the week.

So that's it for this week. Hopefully I will have a more interesting

week now. I love you all so much. I'm so grateful for Joseph Smith

and all of the faith he had and all that he went through so that we

could have the true and restored church here today. That right there

shows it's the true church. No one would go through what he did for

nothing! I know that he saw God and Jesus Christ. I know that he

translated The Book of Mormon by the power of God. And I know that The

Book of Mormon is true! I love you all and have a great week.

Love Elder Schvaneveldt

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