Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 28, 2010 E-Mail

So our baptisms didn't go through.  The guy is ready, but as of right now it will cause problems in his home.  So it hasn't happened yet.  But the good news is I'll be here for another 6 weeks.  And we are going to have baptisms.  My companion Elder Tapia is going to Othello as a Zone Leader.  So I will still see him a lot.  And my new companion is Elder Oliver from Bolivia I guess.  I think he lived in Salt Lake before he came out.  But I'm way excited about that.  I meet him tomorrow.  And he doesn't have a license.  So I finally get to drive!!!!!!!  Yeah, I'm a little excited.  That's way cool Brady got his call.  That will be a way sweet area.  And Jen had her baby, that's exciting.  I better be an uncle by the time I'm back.  HINT HINT.  I'm not sure if I knew that kid who died.  Send the obituary and I'll look at it.  So I got a call at the first of the few week, and now I am going to meet grandmas cousins for lunch today.  I think it's her cousins.  But they seem really excited to meet me.  I think I met them once.  But I was way young.  So that will be fun.  And yes mom, I'm taking some pictures.  The Spencers have my memory card and they will be there tonight or tomorrow.  So take the pictures off and send the card back with them.  Put the pictures on cds too just in case that wonderful computer you have crashes.  I saw a wedding picture that had a new computer in it.  I was hoping dad finally let you get a new one.  But I'm guessing not.  That photo booth thing looked pretty cool.  And tell dad I got his mexican cookies in the MTC.  They were alright.  There were tons of them.  And yeah, here, I'm still gaining weight.  Crazy huh.  I dunno how much I weight now.  Like 169.  But all my clothes still fit ha.  The best way to get my e-mails from my friends is how you're doing it.  That's exciting that you might get to go to Dominican Republic.  That would be way fun.  You'll have to let me know how that is.  And hopefully Ty and Bree will be able to sell there place and get into a house.  I think I have written back to everything that you guys have said.  I dunno, I can't remember.  But this week was a little rough as far as teaching and finding went.  We worked our butts off too.  But last night some good things happened.  A group of people asked us to come play a friendly game of volleyball with them so we did.  It was a rough crowd of people I think but we became friends.  And that's what this is all about.  Just showing people you care.  So it was good and it will for sure open doors for in the future.  Then we ran into a guy just sitting out on the front of his little apartment.  He is chosen to hear the gospel!  We taught like a quick 10 minute lesson, set up an appointment for next Sunday.  And the best part with no hesitation he said he would be at church on Sunday.  The Jehovah's Witness missionaries were out yesterday and so every house we would go to would say the missionaries were already here today.  So we had to explain we are different.  I bet some people get so sick of us beating on there doors.  Oh well.  Cause that's how you gotta find the people.  This last week I took over the area on exchanges.  I'm glad it's a pretty small area cause I knew it pretty good.  And it's good because starting tomorrow it's basically all on me.  My new companion served here as his first area.  And only for one area.  So he knows the area a little bit.  I guess he got a long really good with this kid and almost had him baptized.  Well he left and the kid kinda quit everything.  Well we tracted into his dad my first or second week here.  His dad really likes me.  So we are for sure going to try and work with them this transfer.  We had two people in church yesterday.  Guadalupe, the one who is all ready for baptism.  Then an older lady named Elizabeth.  She is reading the book of mormon and says she believes in the things we do.  She said she will be back to church next Sunday.  So that is looking really good too.  My companion was getting burned out here cause he has been here 6 months and that gets rough in a little town.  He has almost knocked every door.  So I'm excited to start fresh with someone.  And it will be good that Elder Tapia is still in my district and zone.  Well I better get going pretty quick.  We need to get going to Othello to meet the Holmes for lunch.  Sorry it's short, not a whole lot happened this week.  I guess I do have one more story.  So there is this member who goes to a different church.  Well we go visit him once a week or so.  He's got cancer and is in bad shape.  We went to his house the other day and there was a sign that said by appointment only.  Well we had an appointment.  So we knocked on the door and this lady came up, like a home healthcare lady and chewed us out.   So we left.  I called him later to see how he was doing.  He said not to bad and told us to call later.  Well later the phone rang and it said it was him.  So I answered.  Well it was the lady!  She wripped me a new one asking me my full name an everything.  So I finally got pretty upset and just said why in the heck does it matter to you?  At that point my companion took the phone (you know how my temper can get :).  So she told us not to come back and stuff.  It was sad because the guy loves us to come visit him.  But she totally had to ruin it.  So I learned a little bit about patience that day.  And also yesterday at church.  We also learned about scripture study.  So keep studying your scriptures cause it will bless you all so much.  We challenege our investigators to read for 10 minutes a day.  So I challenge you all the same.  Only for 10 minutes.  And you will notice a difference throughout your day!!!  I love you all so much.  Have a good week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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