Sunday, June 20, 2010

Already a Month in Washington

Time is flying by.  Last week I had a great experience.  I got to go to Othello for exchanges.  Well the Elder I was with didn't have his license so I actually got to drive!  It was pretty weird.  First time in 3 months.  I was pretty excited haha.  Tell dad yes I'm getting all of his salt and pepper in my letters.  Everyone thinks he's weird but whatever.  That's funny you were talking about the spanish music.  I hear it all of the time.  Some of it I actually like.  And I can't tell if it's driving the spirit away or not cause I can't understand it.  So It's not to bad.  People are always blasting it.  The hispanics here definately have huge stereos in there houses.  They know how to party.  School got out last Friday.  Ever since then we always see parties.  You asked if my companion will get transferred.  I think he probably will on the 29th.  But you never know.  That will be 6 months here in warden for him.  So we will see what happens.  It's funny you said you thought I have probably worked all my weight off.  Ha, well nope.  I think I'm like 165 now.  I dunno.  No one has real accurate scales.  But I work out a lot so I dunno.  We were biking a lot but my companion got a flat.  We went to the tire store here because a less active member owns it.  It was good to be in the mechanic enviroment for a minute again.  I also sort of helped a guy take his fuel pump out the other day and I will probably rebuild it and put a new one in tomorrow.  I can't think of anything really other than the sunflower seeds.  Like a huge bag, then just whatever else you wanna send.  Those are probably the sunglasses.  Just my black ones.  But if you can't find them there are some that I want :)  They are the Oakly Gascans.  So if you really can't find mine........  Ha.  It's starting to get hot here and not many houses have air conditioning.  Last night I was dying and opened the window.  Well my companion decided to shut it right after I went to bed.  It was like 78 in the room when I woke up this morning.  And as you know my room was always like 59.  So I was dying.  But this week was pretty good.  We had three people in church yesterday.  One of them has been coming for a way long time we just haven't taught him.  And he told us he wants to be baptized so we are going to have a lesson with him and his mom tonight.  I think he has a girlfriend in the ward and that's what got him to start coming.  Then one of them we had in the spanish branch.  It was his second time at church.  He is on date for baptism on the 26th.  He is one of our only solid investigators who keeps his commitments.  It's just tough cause everyone works on Sundays.  And I guess it's about time to pick cherries over in Mattawa.  But I guess all the rain this year split them so it won't be a good season.  Hopefully some investigators will be able to come to church instead of work.  I had a lot more to write but I am brain dead.  Yesterday my companion had to teach the gosepl docterines class.  Well that means I had to translate.  It was rough.  My head hurt after for sure.  But that's okay.  I know the language will come.  Tony Spencer's dad mentioned he is coming down to go on trek with Tony.  Is that our ward going or a ward in the stake?  I figured you might be going but then I remembered you've all been a little busy lately.  It's pretty cool to know we have all been through the temple now.  I was thinking about that on Saturday night.  We will all be able to go together after the mission, that was way cool to think about.  We had a dinner appointment on Saturday night but there was a high priest party and the family was going to that.  So we got to go to that too.  It was at the same place where we had our memorial day dinner.  A member has a pond he made with a big picnic area.  It's pretty cool.  I met a guy out there who has a '57 Chevy so we are going to try and go out and visit him sometime.  He lives way out of town though.  But he was way cool.  He had a Chip Foose shirt on so it was good to know we shared the same interests.  We found another guy too who is inactive.  We work with them quite a bit.  They have a testimony and know it's all true they just need to get back to church and praying and reading.  They don't realize the blessings they are missing out on.  As we attend church every week and read and pray I know that our days go better.  So we try to help a lot of the inactives.  We try to bring inactive families the message of going through the temple and how important and awesome that is!!  It's only through that sealing that is done by the priesthood power that families can be together forever.  So we try to bring that message to all of them.  It's such a blessing we have to be able to be married or sealed in temples like that.  Especially in Utah. I was thinking the other day and within like one and a half hours from our house there are like 10 temples.  Or will be at least.  Have they started on the Ogden one yet?  But anyways back to the inactive guy we ran into.  Him and I are a lot alike too.  He had all the remote control cars like I used to and fourwheelers and stuff.  So I talked to him for a while.  So we are going to keep working with him and get him back to church and let him enjoy those blessings.  We are just so blessed to have this gospel here on earth today and lead and guide us.  I was reading in Ether 12 this morning about how all things are possible through faith.  Well this gospel gives us that hope and faith to strive for more.  And through that, all things really can be done.  Even mountains can be moved.  It was talking about faith, hope and charity.  And how those things are essential.  Then towards the end it talked about Moroni and how he was talking face to face in humility with Christ about those three things.  Well they must be pretty important!  So have faith, hope, and charity.  Continue to go to church and the temple.  Read and pray everyday!  I promise you all will notice a difference and change in your life and it will be for the best.  I'm glad you get to see the power of temple marriages this week.  I'm sad I can't be there but oh well.  I guess I'm really not that sad ha.  But I love you all so much and thank you for all of your support and all you do for me.  Have a good week and don't get to stressed mom!  Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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