Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another Week Gone

This week wasn't bad.  We were on fire up until thursday.  Then friday, saturday, and sunday were a little more rough.  It's such a small town that everyone leaves for the weekend.  It's like a ghost town.  We got another 30 lessons though.  Yesterday a guy told us he didn't want us to come back anymore.  He said my companion asked his girlfriend a question that had nothing to do with the gospel.  His girlfriend acted really interested.  He didn't at all though.  I got the package.  Thank you very much.  I was glad to get some food.  Yeah, we just share a kitchen.  I try to eat stuff that I don't really need to prepare.  Basically I eat bagels, pb&j sandwiches, mac and cheese, apple sauce, and cottage cheese.  Then just whatever we get fed at members houses.  Last night we went to a house and the lady had foil dinners cooked for us.  It was just like home for me!  My favorite!  But it was good to get some different snacks in the package.  The jacket was great.  Of course now it's starting to get hot.  And I guess I can't wear those pants cause they aren't slacks.  I'll give them away or something.  I just wanted some crappier ones that I can beat up when I'm riding the bike and stuff.  But it's ok.  I'll try to answer all your questions.  Mom you asked about the dogs.  Most of them have owners I think, but they're all just mutts and don't really get taken care of.  All the dogs just get pregnant so then there's dogs all over.  Some of them are pretty mean, but the majority probably only weigh 10 pounds.  Our teaching is probably close to 50-50.  So it makes learning spanish hard.  I'm working on teaching myself.  It's coming though.  Dad asked if it's a ward or branch.  We have both.  The ward is english and the branch is spanish.  They're at the same time.  So we usually go to the branch cause it needs the most help.  We do our laundry where we live.  So that's nice.  Sometimes we cook the same thing, sometimes we don't.  We usually eat lunch at home.  Or someone will cook for us.  Usually at home though.  We get $128 a month.  Basically used for everything but gas.  We get an hour a week on the computers.  Then we just come to the church to use the computers at the geneology library.  I'm trying to think of crazy things that happened this week.  I can't think of to much.  I got to go to my first fiesta.  We went to an investigators graduation party.  They wanted us to stay and dance cause a bunch of girls were coming.  Ha, we had to tell them no on that one.  It was pretty weird to hear normal music again there.  And also to hear some crazy spanish music.  Then they gave us some hot sauce.  My companion said it was medium.  Yeah, never trust a native when they say that.  It was so hot.  It was a good experience.  This week went by pretty fast.  It's crazy to think I'm already into my 4th week here.  We've got one guy on date for baptism.  We had more but they would have had to come to church yesterday and they didn't.  We only had one investigator in church yesterday.  Our goal for this week is like 8.  I think we are going to have to do a whole bunch of tracting this week.  We need to start finding new people and dropping old people who just want to be friends.  Just a heads up on something I just thought of.  We won't have a p-day on July 5th.  We have to proselyte cause of the 4th.  So that p-day will be on July 6th.  Sounds like you have had some crazy weather back home.  It's been pretty crazy here too.  It's been perfect temperature.  Just way windy and way rainy.  Which is way unusual for here.  They call this the arm pit of the mission.  But it's starting to get hot now.  The houses get pretty hot.  Not many people have air conditioning.  Not as hot as Weston, but it get's hot.  It sounds like all of them are doing good.  I'm so grateful to have such great friends who are such great examples.  They are always in my prayers.  It's just crazy to think about everyone all over the world.  My companion is crazy.  He wears to pairs of thermals during the days.  So I'm dying of heat and he's freezing.  He sleeps with 6 blankets at night.  I find the smallest one I can.  That's about it for this week.  I know this church is true and that Joseph Smith did restore it!  Jesus Christ is our Savior.  The Book of Mormon is completely true and evidence that Joseph Smith restored this church.  It is also the word of God.    And Thomas S. Monson is the prophet here on earth today that is called of God.  So we need to listen to him!  I got to share my testimony in church yesterday.  It's nice at the branch because there was like 20 people there.  Some things I could use in a package are a copy of my call letter, my sun glasses, and some BBQ spitz sunflower seeds.  I think they must be a Utah thing.  I can't find them anywhere!!  I love you all so much.  Thanks for all the packages and letters and all you do for me.  Have a good week!!!!!

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