Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 21, 2010 E-Mail

Well it sounds like you all had a pretty crazy week huh.  I bet you're glad to have the wedding over with and to relax a little bit.  Before I forget, did Brady get his call?  I've been waiting to hear.  It was a pretty good week here.  The weather has still been up and down, but that's nice because it hasn't gotten to hot yet.  I hope dad liked the father's day card.  I hope everyone had a good father's day.  It was a little rough here.  Even our dinner appointment was a no call no show.  I was ticked!  I look forward to going and getting some good homecooked meals.  But that's okay.  We still had some good lessons.  But we didn't have anyone to church because of father's day.  So now the only person we can get baptized before transfers is Guadalupe Reyes.  Pray for him please.  If he comes on Sunday then he can get baptized on Sunday night.  It's hard though because I don't quite think he is ready.  And we don't want to baptize then just have them go inactive.  I got to eat a raw oyster this week.  That was pretty gross.  Just cracked it open, put some salt and lime on it then ate it.  It was interesting.  Then I found out that one of my favorite burritos from this place we go to is full of cow tongue and cow brains.  It's actually pretty good.  Then I was on splits in Othello.  Well over there they teach pretty much all in spanish.  I wish that was the case for me right now cause I would learn a lot more.  But oh well.  So anyways, this guy told us he had seen a vision and he was a prophet and stuff.  I didn't think I understood him.  So after we went out and I asked Elder Davila if I understood everything correctly and all he said was yep.  It was crazy.  He is starting his own church right there in his little trailer.  The house that the Elder's live at in Othello is awesome.  The members always give them mountain dew haha.  I felt right at home.  To answer your question mom, during the harvest people work pretty much 7 days a week.  But even if they don't it's still hard to get them at church because they go to work at 4 or 5 in the morning on Saturday so they just want to sleep in on Sunday.  But it's good to see the ones who come because that shows which ones are dedicated.  This last Saturday we went to Moses Lake to listen to Elder Pearson from the 70.  It was pretty good.  He talked about a ton of things.  Especially about blessings from going to church.  I thought that was funny because that's what I talked about last email.  So read D&C 59: 9,13,16,23.  I think.  Those are the four promises from going to church.  I also got bit by a couple of dogs this week.  They were just little but yeah.  But then this boxer almost attacked Elder Davila.  That was crazy.  He has a dog tazer he carries with him but he didn't have it at the moment.  He also has a universal tv remote so if people don't come to there doors but we can hear the tv's, he just turns the tv off from outside.  It's pretty funny.  We still had a successful week.  I think we taught like 34 lessons.  But we just need to get people to start keeping commitments!!  That makes all of the difference.  I'm looking forward to that package with those oreo things.  I'm sure I'll love them.  I know this church is true.  Follow the words of the prophets.  Can you believe I actually read the ensign now?  I'm getting a little weird, but not to weird.  By next p-day we will know what is going on with transfers.  I know that this gospel brings so much happiness into people's lives and that it provides a foundation for families.  So stay strong in the church always!!  I love you all so much.  Thank you for all you do for me and have a good week!!

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