Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Month Already!

Things are going good this week. I'll try and answer all your questions but might forget some. Sounds like things are going great. That's crazy that Lynn passed out, it's to bad. Let me know if you find anything else out about it.. I'm glad grandpa is doing his job and telling you to wash the car. You should just keep it and the blazer. That way you can drive the car in the summer and the blazer in the winter. Just don't rack up the miles to high. Did dad get the service done? Also the tires probably need rotated soon, I forgot to tell you. They are directional so you can only go back to front. But just take it to Mitch at discount and he will do it for nothing. I think he is out in Roy on 1900. Text Kevin and ask him. Snoop is pretty cute, but I can sense some naughtiness there. He, or she, just looks way to innocent. Does Annie miss me yet? As far as Spanish goes, it's coming, but coming pretty slow. Every Monday, starting two days ago, we do an English fast where we try to just speak Spanish. It was hard but it did help. My companion and I went to the te, it's teacher evaluation, we taught a sister in completely spanish, we sort of butchered it, but I was surprised we could say as much as we did. We try to speak it as much as possible but it's hard. Then we went to the rc. That's the referal center where you call out to people who have called in in the past to get a book of mormon or bible or whatever. We call and follow up. Some of them requested there stuff like 6 years ago. Everyone was really scared to make the first call. It was way scary. I had an answering machine, you could totally tell it was a black lady, it made my day. It said... "Count your blessins, not your problems, god bless ya." It was way funny, you would have to hear it. So that was a good experience. I was the only one who had someone answer, the guy said the lady I was looking for wasn't home. I should have tried to get to know him but instead I just said okay. I want to go back though. This week has flown by it's pretty crazy. I've gotten one dearelder from Kent and Lori I think, maybe two. Make sure to tell them hi. And yeah, I got a package from Gina. Tell her thank you very much. And to tell Mary and Kala thanks for the letters. She must have talked to you about what to put in it, cause she nailed it. Mountain dew, gummi bears, and apple o's. It was a good package. I can't really think of any requests. I like the easy cheese. I didn't get to say goodbye to Jared really, we planned on meeting up the day he left but it didn't work out. He left a note on my classroom door though saying bye. He will be great. It's weird to think I'm the only one of our close friends here. last night was the last night of choir because they're remodeling the gym. It's weird to see people I know singing. Like Matt Bauer. I also met one of Packer's relatives from Ogden. I think he said he is going to Argentina. I can't remember his name. Last night's devotional was way good though, it was all about how God loves us. The speaker, Elder Pace from the 70's was amazing. He started out by telling us that he requested for the devotional to not be recorded because of sacred things that would be said. The spirit was so strong. The room was just silent. After as a district we shared thoughts abouts God's love. My companion started talking about his dad. I think this was the first time I had even cried since you had dropped me off. It made me think about dad and all he has done for me, then I got thinking about my other dad, Grandpa, and of course, that's when I started to cry. Just thinking about those two examples I've had in my life. I'm so lucky. I hope dad is having fun not having such a busy calling now. I figured it would probably be something with scouts. He loves that though. It won't be any different cause he was basicallly doing that as being a member of the bishopric too. That will probably be pretty cool to work with Jeff Lund. He will get to go to Jazz games. I'm sure the bishop is missing him. He is always and over achiever and picks up everyone else's slack. The ward boundaries in our stake have always been weird. I was trying to figure some of them out from that map that you gave me. It's weird. One thing you could maybe send me, I just thought of this, some cheese and crackers. Like a little roll of mozarella cheese in the air tight plastic crap. One of my favorite Elder's here gave me some and it was amazing. He is Elder Wagstaff, the one who knows dad's cousin. He's probably my favorite, but he leaves tomorrow morning. He's way excited. He reminds me exactly of Scott Allen. They look a lot alike, and he is a basketball freak. It's weird, we are almost the oldest district in our zone now. We get ten new missionaries today. That is a big district. That would suck being in a small room with ten stinky missionaries. I can't believe that I'm gaining wait. I'm starting to work out everyday now though cause they're closing the gym. I'm up like 11 pounds now. Don't worry though. I promise I won't get fat! That place Kristin went to eat sounded pretty cool. I would like that. I can't wait to get out of here and eat real food. This isn't bad, it's just a gut bomb and I always eat way to much of it. So it will be nice to get out and eat good food. Some kid is talking about cars by me, I get so distracted when people do that! They don't know anything. It drives me nuts. Oh well though, I just keep my trap shut. But I'm almost out of time. I dunno if I answered all the questions or not. If I think of anything I will write a hand letter. Just know I'm doing good, and this month has flown by it's insane! I love you all so much and am so glad you are all my family and friends. You all have been amazing people in my life. I know this church is true. I love it. I love the book of mormon and the truthfulness that comes with it. God is our father and heaven and Jesus Christ is our savior. Because of him we can all return to live with each other forever!! I love this church and I'm so glad I'm doing what I'm doing. I love you all!!

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