Thursday, April 8, 2010

3 Weeks Down!

Well 3 weeks today, it's crazy it feels like i have been here forever.  yet it has gone fast.  the shift button isn't working on this computer, sorry.  Conference was good but long.  by the time we sat in there, it was like 9 hours each day.  but it was good.  i loved uchtdorfs talk about patience.  just cause it related to me with trying and learning the language.  it's coming slow, but oh well.  our teachers don't really teach us anything, so we pretty much teach us everything.  the brother that teaches is good.  i also like jeffrey r hollands talk.  just cause he is so broad about things.  i sat by jared for two or three of the sessions so that was nice too.  and then i sat by him at the sunday night devotional and the movie.  it's gonna be crazy when he leaves next week.  i will be the only one here.  that picture was taking either the first or second sunday i was here.  i'm not sure.  i got easter packages from you, sis, and grandma on friday.  everyone was making fun of me, they're just jealous.  so thank you for everything.  especially the ties.  they're great.  i also got my bank cards.  i got an easter card from pam on saturday, tell her thanks, then i also got a letter from grandma and grandpa schvaneveldt.  it was good to hear from them too.  other than that not many people write.  Shereesa does, then julio sent me a dearelder the other day.  it was good to hear from him.  then i have got a few more misc. letters but the rest are from family.  that's sweet ty and bree got a puppy.  i can't believe they stole my name though.  after i get back there will be two snoops running around cause i'm still gonna name my dog that.  but yeah, send me pictures for sure.  sounds like colorado was fun, the drive sounds like it sucked though.  the only time i have done it is right after i had hip surgery and went to denver with dad.  the weather was good, but the drive is just lame.  and it didn't help that we couldn't find a hotel at 3 in the morning.  him changing the oil?  What's up with that? sounds like dad though to be eating 3 bowls of food at the mongolian place, i wasn't surprised.  make sure to dearelder me when jace gets his call.  it should be today or next wednesday for sure i think.  i like how you're starting to become a little rebelious in the red car.  it's a pretty quick car.  the chevelle will smoke it though if it ever get's done.  that speaker is just a stock tweeter i think.  they would have given it to us when we bought the car.  so just put it in the garage with the factory stereo.  Thanks for taking my bike to justin.  i hope you didn't really mess with the front brake..... that's what i just spent money on to get it done.  but oh well if you did.  i hope it sells.  that way i could get some money to lynn.  zone leaders is going pretty good.  right now we only have like 3 or 4 districts, so like 30 missionaries in the zone.  were expecting more though, it's pretty small right now.  it's good to learn leadership qualities though.  i would get all your dear elders, they were just coming like three or four days later.  but i do think i have gotten all of them.  The food is kind of like chuck a rama.  it's pretty good, but gets kinda old.  i'm up 9 pounds now from when i left.  i'm not fat though so that's nice.  the weather here sucks, we've only had like 3 or 4 good days.  oh well though.  Weston has got some crazy stories about his mission.  it sounds like he's loving it though.  that's awesome.  keep sending me his emails, along with brody's and whoever else's you get.  just dearelder them to me please.  Also try to get his address, Brody's, and Cody's.  I would really appreciate it.  Thanks for paying stuff off. i'm gonna buy a mini quad this week, so there will be a 40 or 50 dollar charge on there.  you can use my money to pay it off.  i think all i need this week is retainer cleaner, with a cup to put them in, some tweezers, then some cutips would be nice.  you need to send that stuff though.  thanks for all you do and all you send.  i get more crap out here then i did at home!  last night we had a really good devotional on obedience and successful missions.  the speaker told us about dear john letters, it was hilarious, he gave us advice on what to do when we get one.  Cry your eyes out for 15 minutes then gird up you loins and become a man again.  it was really funny.  sorry the order of this letter is all screwed up, i just was trying to think of everything to write.  the funniest thing ever just happened.  my companion just sneezed, the biggest booger came out of his nose.  he was pretty embarrassed.  sorry i just had to share that.  i'm glad i'm a fast typer, most these keyboards just suck really bad.  oh well though.  i'm working my way up on becoming champion at 4 square.  i've been playing basketball too.  the two elder that are my roommates are huge though.  one is 6'3" and the one is 6'7".  So it's pretty crazy.  that's cool the girl you work with is gonna try and go through the temple.  going to the temple here is just weird, cause i feel like i'm right back in ogden.  5 and a half more weeks and i'll be in a completely different place.  i'm excited.  we got a new district last wednesday and they're way cool.  i was glad that i didn't have a family yet this conference, i would have felt a lot of pressure.  seems like a bunch of the talks were on families and the most important missionary work being done in the walls of your own home.  just know i love you all and i'm so grateful for everything you do and have done for me.  thank you for being the best examples to me.  i know this church is true and i'm so glad to be out here serving.  i am becoming a little weird, but don't worry, not to weird.  i'm loving the things i'm learning.  i'm so grateful for joseph smith and the things he did and the courage he had as such a young boy.  it's amazing.  i'm so grateful for prophets, and apostles.  it's great to have someone here on earth you can guide us everyday.  i love the book of mormon, ever since i got here i have read it with a completely different perspective.  it's amazing and i know it's true.  my time is up so i better get going.  i love you all!!!! thanks for everything!

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