Monday, April 5, 2010

March 31, 2010 E-mail

Well another week is gone. The computer I'm using is retarded, the space bar sticks and sucks to push. So sorry if it's screwed up. Last p day night we had class, after class the sister from Delaware has a heart condition and she went down on the ground and basically had a seizure. If she doesn't get enough electrolytes it messes up her oxygen flow. I was pretty scared but I got to give her a blessing after she was up again. So that was really cool. Tell dad yes, I did get the stuff in the shoes and in my jacket. Yeah, I got grandpa's letter, I need to get one back to him. That's to bad about Howard, but probably the bet thing. There's a professional skier sitting across from me right now so I guess that's pretty cool. Yeah make sure you dear elder me right after Jace get's his call. On Sunday I actually bore my testimony in sacrament meeting in Spanish. It was my first fast Sunday and that sucked way bad. But in the end it was way good. Me and my companion actually got called to zone leaders on Sunday so that should be pretty fun. We were both shocked considering we had only been here a week and a half. We're in training right now but get new missionaries in our zone tonight so we will see how all that goes. My debit card didn't work, so I had to use my credit, just transfer money from checking or whatever. I will only use my credit card on stuff I need, like lotion this week. My face is drying out way bad. I get 40% off of most stuff here at the bookstore. So don't buy the high lighter refills if you haven't already. Cause that kind of stuff I'll just buy here. There is an elder here from Salt Lake, his name is Elder Wagstaff. His dad runs Wagstaff construction, I'm sure dad has heard of them, they operate the huge cranes, but his family is really good friends with a Mike Schvaneveldt. Are we related? I got to eat dinner with Weston last night then he left. It kinda sucked saying goodbye cause he is the only one I see a lot, but oh well. He will do great. He's most likely either on a plane right now or sitting in an airport, I don't think he left salt lake until around 9 last night. He was way excited to get out and eat some normal food. The food is treating me good here. I'm to the point that I'm sleeping really well too. I did some math today, in a 7 day week we are using about 90-100 hours putting it all towards the gospel. It's pretty crazy, the only other thing I'll ever spend this much time with is my family, and possibly cars ha. I saw a truck here the other day that was pretty cool, well actually it wasn't even cool, it was just the coolest one I've seen for a couple weeks. Yeah I'm way jealous that Kevin is going to the dunes. I wanna go way bad, but at least I'll hopefully get back before Easter cause then I can go. That's the best weekend to go. I'm glad he came and got that stuff. I just got an email from someone but I don't want to get out of this and risk losing all of it. I'm glad Nick and Shereesa came by. Nick probably get's way bored. Tell him to memorize Joseph Smith's first Vision, James 1:5, and d and c 4. It will help him a lot once he is here. If you ever can't figure out the stereo in the car mom just go to hi fi shop. They will take care of you. Some things you could send now is some more body wash. It's the old spice dry skin defense. It's the green one, probably send me a couple of bottles. I shower twice a day and I think the water is hard. Also laundry soap would be cool, my companion got some, it's purex 3 in 1. It's just like a sheet that you use in the washer and dryer. It would be nice. Sorry I feel like I'm always asking for stuff. I do get made fun of for getting packages but I love it. In Seth's email it asked how I got the language out of my head from elite. I guess I never put it in my head. The biggest part was just trying my hardest to never use it. I feel like that's what got it out of my head. I get to go do a session today at the temple, I'm pretty excited about that. I hope you have fun in colorado, be careful driving, it sounds like the weather hasn't been to good out that way from what sis has said. But things here are going good. But time is running short. I'm loving it here and know I will be blessed for it. The language is coming slow but is coming. I know god is our father in heaven and that his son is Jesus Christ. I know he sent Jesus Christ here to die for all of our sins. I am so grateful for the atonement and it all blows my mind. I know this church was restored through Joseph Smith, and that Thomas S. Monson is the true prophet who does receive revelation from god. I'm so grateful for The Book of Mormon and I'm learning to love it so much it's unbelievable, I'm already almost done with 2nd Nephi and I've only been reading for like a week and a half. Thank you for everything you and everyone else is doing for me. I pray for all of you too. I love you all so much!

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