Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011 E-Mail

I was pretty shocked to hear that I was an uncle. I wasn't quite expecting it this early. That will probably be the biggest change from when I get home. I got like 6 pictures of him. He is a cute little guy and looks like he's in perfect shape. So congratulations to Ty and Bree for there first baby. I was looking at my calendar the other day and realized that I had no birthdays or anything to worry about it March. I guess that just changed!!

Things here are going pretty good. We've been staying really busy. Dad asked if the people we live with ever cook for us. No. We usually just cook lunch on our own then we don't take a dinner. We usually just hope for food on the street. We probably get fed 4 out of 7 days so it's not to bad. And it's usually good authentic mexican food. Dad also asked about what we do for service. Well we go work in the food bank every other week. And they are also building a new food bank building here, so we help out building that. This last week we were also able to help some people out in there yards. Now that it's spring everyone is cleaning up. For shopping on p-days we usually just go to little markets in the town. But today we are actually in Othello. We do have a car full time in Mattawa, But before I got here there was a really bad storm of like 100mph winds and my companion opened the door on the car and he wasn't holding on to it and it blew open and into the fender. So it messed up the door. So we had to bring the car here today to get it fixed. And it will be here until like Thursday I think. But tomorrow we have zone conference in Moses Lake. So we will be there most of the time.

We have done a lot of teaching this last week. We have met a lot of really good people but still haven't had anyone in church. Most of the hispanics work 6 days a week. So on Sundays they all take off to Tri Cities to do there shopping and get lunch and stuff. So on Sundays, not many people are around. It's sort of the same as in Warden. I'm sure you can remember me talking about that.

We do have one couple that is doing pretty well with keeping their commitments. They just aren't coming to church. But they have read a little bit. We are going to see them tonight so we will be able to find out why they didn't come to church. Some friends of a member have come to church the last two weeks but it's sort of a hard situation. They have been taught in the past but don't want to be taught right now. They just want to come to church. They are the type of people that if you push them just a little bit, it will push them way far away. So we are hoping that some time shortly we can start to teach them.

I don't remember if I told you how about a week or two ago this member called us to help her move. She was living with a guy who is married but his wife is in California. Well the guy went to get his wife to bring her back. So the lady needed help moving out. So she called us to help her. So we went and helped her move some stuff then we left. Well this past week the guy called us and asked us to come over and see him. So we went and visited him. Well it turns out that she took everything that he had. She got rid of his horse and everything. Then she took all of his clothes and boots and stuff outside and burned it. So we are trying to help him a little bit right now to get new clothes and beds and stuff. Because he is now back in Mattawa with his wife and two kids. And all they have are some blankets and that's about it. So I guess that's my crazy story for the day. Not much is going on, time is just going by so fast that I can't remember anything. So, you will hear from me next week!! I'm so grateful for where I am and all that I have learned. I love my Savior and all that he did for me and all of us. I know that he died for us. Through him we can all live together for eternity!!

Have a good week!!!! Love you all!!!!!

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