Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 20 E-Mail

So my companion headed off to Spokane yesterday.  So I was put in a trio with some other Elders.  So yesterday I got to go to my church, their church, and the spanish branch.  It was  LONG church day.  But it was good.  Tomorrow morning I will be getting a new companion.  I don't know much about him.  I'm staying in the same area and have been assigned to be the district leader.  All I know about my new companion is that he is not a native and has only been out one transfer.  So I guess I am step training him as they would call it in missionary terms.  I don't know if he is fluent in spanish or anything like that.  He is actually a visa waiter.  I think he is supposed to go to Mexico but it's hard to get in there right now.  So he could only be here for a few weeks or for his whole mission.  Who knows.  It will be nice to find out a little bit more about him when I meet him tomorrow.  I have gotten a lot of birthday stuff so please tell everyone thanks.  Brent and Anette, Judy and Greg, Jared's parents, Jared, Jay and Gina, and Kala!  Also on last p-day I got cards from Pam, Gublers, Drew and Lisa, and Brent and Cindy.  So thank you very much everyone!!  And I got Lynn's package and also Grandma's.  I'm going to try and write Grandma today.  I get treated better on my birthday out here than at home!  And yes, Brother Anantatmula did buy me a cake and everything.  So thank you very much!  I was happy to hear that you were typing on a new computer mom.  I'm sure dad loves it.  He is getting OLD!!!!!!  50 years old today!  Wow.  That's pretty cool that he might get to go to Tokyo.  That would be an awesome experience.  Just don't have to much fun while I'm gone.  I was also pretty excited to read Nick's e-mail to know that at least one of my friends is still getting some action every once in a while.  Poor Nick.  I wish I could have seen his face.  Mom you asked if I prefer the ward or the branch.  I really like them both.  It's hard to choose one.  Yesterday we didn't have any investigators at the branch and we had one in the ward.  Saturday night we had a huge spanish activity.  We were able to go because we had an investigator come.  It was way fun.  And our investigator had a way good time.  He's way quiet everytime we go over and see him and he never says to much.  But he had a huge smile on his face and was laughing the whole time at the activity.  His name is Jesus and he is on date to be baptized on October 9th.  He is awesome.  He is one who is prepared right now by the Lord.  Then we had appointments with Ryan and Jessica.  Well Ryan forgot, so we will go see him on Wednesday this week.  And Jessica's boyfriend had to work and then his Grandpa died the next day.  So we haven't been able to see her yet either.  We are going to go to the funeral on Thursday so hopefully we will get to see her there.  Other than that we did a lot of tracting this week again.  We were also able to do some service for a guy named Allen who really is seeking the truth.  So please pray for all of those guys!!  So that was about it for this past week.  Tell Dad I did get to eat his homemade salsa.  It was good.  Between all my birthday stuff I have a ton of food.  I was very grateful for the mountain dew that Lynn and Susan sent.  You asked if we will have to pay for those orthotic things for my feet.  I'm not sure.  I told him just to contact you guys but he sort of just gave me one of those oh we will take care of it.  He is a very nice guy.  He helps me a lot with my spanish when we are with him. So I will let you know if we have to pay for them or what the deal will be.  I got a call late last night from a member of the bishopric here.  I have to speak in sacrament meeting next week.  I was trying to lay low and slip through the cracks but I just couldn't do it.  So I'm stuck speaking again!  It will good though.  Hopefully it will motivate the members to do a little more missionary work.  I was glad to hear that I get to spend at least one more transfer in this area.  I know this is where the Lord needs me to be at this time.  I know that as we obey his commandments and pray for those oppurtunities to do missionary work that we will see great miracles.  Those seeking the gopsel will be put in our paths.  I love this gospel and the blessings it has brought to me and to all of us.  Have a good week.  I love you all!!!!!!!!

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