Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last MTC E-Mail!!

I think in the first sentence he meant to say Elder Holland is awesome just because he is so BROAD not bored.
So last night was good. Jeffrey R. Holland came and spoke to us. It was so awesome just because he is so bored. He didn't even have a talk either. He just goes all from his head. He talked about how we need to convert one person on our missions, ourselves.. Then he talked about how he doesn't understand how someone can serve a mission then become in active. It was way powerful. He talked about how we need to use preach my gospel and learn it inside and out. We heard it was going to be someone good coming, i was hoping either the prophet or elder holland. Sorry, sometimes the shift button doesn't work on this computer. But this week was good. We also had a way good experience yesterday where we go teach people and they give us feedback. The guy yesterday told us we were the two most powerful missionaries he has every had teach him in the mtc. it was awesome. he also said we answered one of his prayers. i have enough white shirts right now but will probably need some short sleeve ones in the field. like two or three. Sis, thanks for the brownies, they were great. i'm up 19 pounds now, it's all your fault. my pants still fit though so it's all good. i know that elder who's mom you have been talking to. i think he is from georgia. tonight i get to do something cool. my teacher nominated me. only like 8 companionships in the mtc get to do it every week. when the new missionaries come in, they go to a meeting that night where they watch missionaries teach a pretend scenario. so maybe nick will get to watch me teach. i hope so at least. it's gonna be way cool. i might try and go to the chiropracter here. depending on how it charges insurance or whatever. i just know my back is way messed up from sitting so much. and i feel like it would be good to jump out into the field with a fresh back. so i might do that on friday. i can't believe the bike shoppe charged you that much. that's ridiculous. from now on just go to biker's edge. that bike isn't even worth to much more than that. oh well though. that's crazy dad finally got a new car. hopefullly this one actually starts. i thought this week would drag on but it's beginning to go pretty fast actually. i can't wait until monday morning. i leave here at 5 in the morning. my flight is delta #3069. it leaves here at 8:53 and gets there at 9:43. there's a time change though. and yeah i got the calling card. thanks. so i'm not sure when i will try and call you, but i will sometime. i think i'm most excited to get to the airport to finally eat not cafeteria food. it's good, but not to good. Today we are fasting for a while. just for our new trainers and stuff.  So tell everyone, those that write me at least, not to send anymore handwritten letters here. just send them to washington. i don't know the address or anything but it should be in my packet. one elder here is from washington and his grandparents don't live far from spokane. he said they will take care of us. i'm just curious about everything. curious to meet my trainer, curious for my first area, curious to meet the people. i'm just excited. it's hard to stay focused here. my language has improved a lot and somethings i can say pretty quick. so that's nice. i have faith that it will come pretty quick in the field. i know i will have a lot of head aches, but it will come. our new district of 12 elders is really cool. it get's a little crazy at times, and there room is really gonna stink after about another week. but they will make good missionaries. one is from Syracuse and knows some people i knew from work, and also knows eric woodruff. i thought that was pretty cool. There's others in that district that are really weird too. it's so funny to see how everyone is different and how everyone was raised different. i'm glad i was spoiled, but i'm glad i had to learn how to work too. it's amazing to watch people do service. you can totally tell who has been given every little thing and never had to have a job. and the service here is so easy. just wait until they get into the field. i need to start packing some stuff today, then more on saturday and sunday. i hope i can fit everything. if stuff needs to be sent home i will have one of the sisters do it monday. cause she doesn't leave until wednesday. i think i will make it all work though. i will probably charge some more on my credit card this week. just to get some stuff before i leave. i figure i might as well buy it here cause it's 40% off. So watch my credit card, and just transfer money from my checking account please. not a whole lot more this week. i have grown alot. i can't wait to get out there in the field and start the work. i know this gospel is true. i know that jesus christ is the son of god, and that he did suffer for all of us. he has felt all that we feel and all that we ever will feel. i know that through him, anything can be done. through pray we can communicate with god, our father in heaven. the book of mormon is real. it is the word of god. joseph smith saw god and jesus christ. as a 14 year old, that would scare the heck out of me. i know that this is the work of christ. not the work of us, the work of christ. if we do it his way with his spirit, we will convert. i'm so glad to have wonderful examples in my life like all of my friends who are out in this same work. i love hearing there stories. especially brody's crazy ones. it's so cool to know that we are all out in this work. we will all be so blessed for it, and our families also. i can't wait to see nick. i will get to see him a few times i'm sure. if not, i will figure it out so i can. he will love it here. and for jace, the time will fly by. it's so good to hear from everyone and know that everyone is doing good. i love you all and next time you hear from me i won't be in Utah!!!! i'm excited to leave. so have a good week and i'm not sure when you will get another letter cause i have no idea when p-day is. i will send my memory card home pretty quick with pictures on it. i love you all so much and thank you for all your prayers and support. i love you!!!

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