Monday, May 17, 2010

Finally some pictures!

Kade is in Spokane as of this morning! I talked to him on the phone for about 5 minutes while he was at the airport and he sounded really excited. He said he will be spending tonight at the mission home in Spokane and then tomorrow he will be going to wherever his area is. We're not sure when we will hear from him again since we don't know yet when his P-Day his. He sent his memory card home so we finally have some pictures from the MTC. I will post his new address as soon as I have it. We are so proud of Kade and love him so much!

I had to post this one because I couldn't believe my eyes... it looks like Kade is singing, and he seems to be pretty into it.

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  1. I live in the Spokane mission, and I have a son who has been serving a mission for the past 6 months (he is in Oklahoma City), so I thought I would check out this blog. I like it! I am particularly enjoying the weight gain updates. :-) It will be fun to see how he enjoys the Spokane area. It is a lovely part of the country and the people are very nice.