Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 16, 2011 E-Mail

It's been a busy p-day so far. We actually moved houses this morning. We are now living in a house with a young couple, and they are just tending the house because the owners are on a mission in New Zealand. It's a sweet house. So that's some exciting news.

It's been sort of a spiritually draining week this past week. We have ran into quite a few people who are having problems with immigration. And it's usually the kids that are having the problems because they commit the crimes and get thrown in jail then get deported. Well the kids that are getting deported were brought here by there parents when they were only like 5 years old. So they don't even know anything about Mexico or anyone there. So all the families just worry that there kids are going to get killed by the drug cartels. So it's really a sad thing to have to listen. Also a guy who is older that we are working with is having some issues. He is an awesome guy and has a wife here and three little kids. He is worried that he might have to go back to Mexico. So enough of the sad stuff and on to the good stuff. Annabel accepted a date to be baptized and it's in two weeks on the 28th of May! She has off and on investigated the church for like 20 years. We had a few really good lessons with her this week and the first one was in a members home. Well this member had lost her husband not to long ago and we were teaching the plan of salvation. Well Juan and Annabel lost a child about 21 years ago, so that really hit them hard. It was an awesome experience. Then another time we were just over visiting them and reading from 1 Nephi chapter 5. It doesn't talk about baptism at all. But for some reason I felt very prompted to invite her to be baptized. She immediately accepted. Then she told us that it was something that she was wanting to do and she had already talked to her family about it. So that is the goal that she has right now. She is such an awesome lady. We went and visited her yesterday and she told us how she just really wanted this foundation for her life right now and for her grandkids. She regrets not helping her own children but knows that she can still set a good example and also help the grandkids. So she is doing great.
Johnathan and Tianna are still doing really well too. We went by and saw them this past week and they had read like 5 chapters in the Book of Mormon since our previous visit. Well that hardly ever happens so it was cool to see that. Then we taught them in a members home this last week and tonight we are taking them to the bishops home to teach them there. We are really starting to see things pick up.
Last Monday we had a good opportunity. Our Bishop here owns a dairy and occasionally he has to kill a cow if they get hurt or something. So he had a ton of beef. Like 1,800 pounds or something like that. Well he just followed us around in his car to different homes to give out the beef. It was really awesome to see people's faces when someone does an act of charity like that. We were talking about charity yesterday in Elder's Quorumn and it made me think of that experience. Then someone spoke up and said the greatest example of charity other than our Savior is missionaries. It just made me realize how blessed I truly am to have this chance to help out for two years. It truly is not a sacrifice but a blessing. I love the work and love what I'm doing and seeing changes in peoples lives. I know that the work of God is the most important work that we could be involved with! I love this gosepl and I know it's true. I love you all and thanks for all your support. Have a great week!!

Love Elder Schvaneveldt

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