Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010 E-Mail

So it's been a good week and busy. We were able to do a lot of service and still teach a lot of people so that was nice being able to help out in more than one way. I was excited to hear that Ethan had stopped by and he is doing good, also that Greg and Judy are going to have a child, and also to hear that I was having a nephew! That was all very exciting. You also asked if I knew any Beutler's, yeah, I knew one who is like a year younger than me. That really is to bad that there house burned down. And that's pretty cool you got to go to the Jazz game and sit that close. Mom, I can't picture you at a Jazz game. But I'm sure it was a blast.

So the work this week went great. Evalina wasn't baptized because she doesn't feel ready, but she is still meeting with us and it will be a decision that she shortly will make. We also tracted into her brother the other day, Jesus, and teach him. So that was really cool. Hopefully they will come to church together. Then the ward sent us to visit a family in the ward boundaries who aren't members and who are going through a very hard time with the economy. So we went and visited them and they told us how they are really seeking for direction in there lives. So that was really cool. But the even cooler part was we were about 15 minutes from the church and we were supposed to be at the church at 6:00 to meet a guy named Hermano Castro. Well by the time we left there house it was 6:05. So we called Hermano Castro to come pick us up but he had left his phone at home. So in other words, we were on foot and we had to book it to the church so he didn't leave. So we were forced to walk. But in the mean time we were on this little side street where no one ever walks or anything. And we ran into our investigator Brian Cooper who we have been teaching and he was really progressing. Well over the last week or two we haven't been able to meet with him and we have felt like he is avoiding us. Well there was no avoiding us walking on this little street. So we were able to make a return appointment and go teach him on Saturday night and have a really good lesson. And he committed to coming to church next week. So that was a definite miracle that we got to meet with him. I was also blessed with the gift of tongues for sure this week. I don't know if you remember Alondra. Well she is the one forever ago that yelled at us to come and talk to her because she wanted to know when and where the church was. Well we were able to teach her this week. She talks faster than anyone I know and her husband does not like her meeting with us. So we try to meet outside but it was freezing so we had to go inside. Well she said he could come home within an hour or 20 minutes. So I was a little worried. Plus we had Brother Pedersen with us who doesn't speak spanish but we had to have a man with us because it was a lady we were teaching. Well anyways, we all understood everything she was saying. Including Brother Pedersen, and my companion and I were really able to communicate with her very well. So I have definitely noticed the Lord's help when it comes to teaching hispanic people. It's been awesome. So that's about it for this week. The other day we were walking down the road and I felt something land on top of my head. So I thought it was a rain drop. Let's just say we were under a power line, and a bird took advantage of me. I wasn't to happy about that. Sounds like it will be a crazy thanksgiving for everyone if everybody is going to Kristin's. It will be fun though. I'm excited to be able to stay here in this area. We will for sure be taken care of. Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and I had the opportunity to stand and bear my testimony about the Book of Mormon. I know you have heard me say a million times I know it's true. But the more I'm able to testify of it, the more true it becomes. I'm so grateful for the Prophet Joseph Smith and all that he suffered so we could have the Book of Mormon to clearly understand what we need to do to have peace in this life and eternal life in the life to come. I love you all so much and thank you for your love and support. Have a good week. I love you.

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