Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

So things are going pretty good here. We had a good day at church yesterday and had 3 investigators so that was pretty awesome. 2 in English and 1 in Spanish. We had an amazing lesson the other night with Evalina. We had assigned her to read from 3rd Nephi 11. So she was just telling us what she had learned then all of the sudden she pretty much came right out and said "tengo que bautizarme" saying that she needed to be baptized. So as of right now she has a baptismal date for the 27th. But there is actually a Spanish Branch party that night so we will try and change her baptism to the 26th. So she is progressing really well. I felt bad for her in sacrament meeting yesterday. She was holding her little girl on her lap the little girl wet her pants. So we pretty embarrassed. Then the other ones that were in church were Megan and Jessica. Megan I think I have told you about. She has been coming to church for like 6 months. Her fiance is a member, he is the one who works at Olive Garden and always hooks us up. Well she will be baptized in the new year because they are getting married on the 31st of December. She is so awesome. I can't remember if I told you or not, but she got up last Sunday and bore her testimony. It was sweet. It was probably a slap in the face for some of the members because they won't even get up and do it. And she's not a member yet and she did! She's awesome and always gives her input and everything in classes. It's cool. And she's already doing missionary work and went to another ward yesterday too with a friend who is less-active. So it's awesome to see her progress and really love the gospel. Then Jessica I know I have told you about. Her boyfriend is a less-active member but has a testimony. We tracted into him one day and he invited us back to visit with her. This was back in September I think. And she was able to make it to church for the first time yesterday. I'm not sure how it went for her, because we haven't talked to her. She went to a different ward with her boyfriend's Grandma. So those were our investigators in church. I know I told you about Brian Cooper and how we had a miracle in finding him last week. Well he is really good friend with Jessica and her boyfriend. So that's cool to see them talk about the gospel together. Brian needs to be baptized. Every once in a while he bails on our appointments. But we also randomly run into him. He is a great kid and we are excited for him. He committed to coming to church next week. He couldn't make it yesterday because something came up. So that was pretty much the week. We had a rough week as far as finding new people, but we have some great appointments set up for teaching people this next week. Mom you asked what we did for service. We just do whatever we can find. But we don't have anything set at all like Tyler had at the YMCA. In area's that have food banks I know the missionaries usually go there. But we don't have anything like that in our area. So we just do what we can as we run into people. One thing I was thinking if you could send me was a copy of Jesus the Christ in spanish. I'm going to take on the task of reading it in spanish because this week I will finally have finished El Libro De Mormon. So I want to start on Jesus the Christ but I don't have time to read it during my personal study cause we study so much from The Book of Mormon. So I will just have to read it in Spanish during language study. I know this church is true an I am so grateful to be a member of it. Yesterday, Cody, Megan's fiance, gave the lesson in Elders quorumn. Well it was about the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Well I am so grateful to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost to lead and guide me. It truly is such a great feeling to walk in a home and feel the spirit. I know that we can all have this constant companionship of the Holy Ghost to help us through all things as long as we remain worthy and strive to be better and align our will with the will of our Savior. I love you all. Have a great week!!!!!

Oh yeah, and I need to give a shout out to Weston because he is turing the big 20!!!!!! Happy Birthday my man.

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