Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30 E-Mail

I'm sad that my pooch is going to be dying pretty soon.  But as long as she doesn't suffer then ok.  I have a little different taste about Schnauzer's after this week.  Let's just say they aren't all as nice as I thought they were.  Yes, one tried attacking me.  It was interesting.  It was pretty old and reminded me a lot of Lacy.  But then I met a really nice one yesterday.  I'm sure after Annie goes that you will go buy a new one mom.  I know you say you won't.  But I have heard that many times before.  It's been a pretty good week.  We definately were blessed with a miracle.  The other day we were going to an appointment in some apartments.  Well we were behind this guy that was driving a little crazy.  Yes, it appeared he was drunk.  Well he turned into the apartment complex and just kept on turning.  It was sort of all in slow motion.  Well he pretty much did a front flip off about a 10 foot rock wall, and the car landed upside down.   Well the miracle part is that it was on the door step of the apartment that we were going to.  It was pretty crazy.  The guy crawled right out and was running around showing everyone that he had just left the hospital and he still had those electro pad things on him.  He didn't smell like alcohol at all, but he for sure was doped up on something.  We were the only ones that saw it so we had to stick around and talk to the cops.  So if you get anything in the mail or anything questioning it, it's because I gave them the home address.  That was the miracle of the week.  Thank you for the package.  It has been very good.  I already ate all of the cookie crisp.  And I'm working on the muddy buddies.  That spanish family that I was going to have to teach all my own bailed on us.  So I didn't have to teach them.  But we did a lot of tracting that day to spanish homes.  I definately had the help of the Lord.  I didn't understand everything that was being said but I understood enough.  I was glad to be in this mission when I received Dad's letter and he was talking about that mission that is having a famine and they only get like half a cup of rice a day.  Wow, I would die.  And yes Dad, I know Kyle Farr.  I didn't know that's where he was going though so that's pretty cool.  Sounds like things are going good.  That's good you sold the trailblazer!  That was about it for this week.  It was a short week since p-day was on Tuesday, which speaking of, p-day will be on next Tuesday because of the Holiday weekend.  We have had a hard time finding people at home being the last week of the summer here.  So we are excited for things to calm down a little bit after the Holiday weekend.  Things are going pretty good as far as teaching goes.  We tracted into a less active member and we met his girlfriend who is a none member.  Her name is Jessica and she really has a strong desire to learn more.  Her boyfriend is 20 and hasn't been to church in a couple of years.  It was really cool though because as we were teaching, we would ask him questions about Joseph Smith and everything and he would teach the principle.  She really wants to come to church too, her boyfriend works every Sunday though and she had already made plans for yesterday.  We weren't able to teach Ryan at all this past week, but we have an appointment with him tonight.  So keep praying for him and for Jessica too!!  Last night we also found a really cool big black guy named Courtney.  So pray for him.  He was way nice and has a young family.  I guess he plays arena football for a team around here.  We have found quite a few good people to teach considering we came in here with nothing.  So some good things are going to happen in the next few weeks hopefully.  I know this church is true and I'm so grateful I get to be out here sharing it with everyone.  Whether they have never heard of the church, or if they just haven't gone for a few years.  This gospel truly does bring so many blessings into so many lives.  I'm so grateful and blessed that I was raised in a home where I learned the principles and teaching I needed to learn to get me to where I am today.  Thank you!  I love you all, have a good week!!!!!

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