Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2, 2010 E-Mail

Computers are way screwed up today so I have like no time. We are at the library and they are all timed. So it will be short and sweet. We had a way cool miracle this week. Other than that it has been way slow. But we decided to go see an in-active who hasn't been visited for a long time. Last time they visited her she through out a bunch of anti questions. So that's what we were expecting. Well we got there and she just started crying. It was in spanish so I was way confused at first. But she had been praying all day to know what church was true. She asked God if it was the church that she was baptized into. She said in her prayer that if it was true and if he would send her the brothers from the church that very day that she would start going to church again. Well sure enough, we showed up that day. And she was at church yesterday. So that was pretty cool. Elizabeth was confirmed yesterday too so that was way awesome. The work in the fields has really picked up the last week or so, so people are really hard to find at home. And if they're home they are sleeping. So it's been rough. But still really good. Thank you so much for the package. I was so glad to get it. I was pretty ticked when I locked up that Ipod though. So I'm glad you were able to get the number. I figured it would still be listed. I never took stuff off even after it was sold. The guy that called you is so cool. He is in active. His step daughter has been coming a lot though, and that night she asked if we would start teaching her the lessons. So we were really excited about that. They are an awesome family. Everytime we go over there we end up eating something. They really take care of us. He owns the local mechanic/tire shop. So we get a long pretty good. I hope the reunion was fun. That's crazy you're a den leader now mom. I didn't quite expect that one. I tried whiping off my camera lense but it was still fuzzy today on some pictures I printed. So I dunno what the deal is. And about my toenail, I did my own little surgery on it last week and cut it all up. So it looks a lot better now. If I ever get to Spokane I will have that guy look at it. But for now I think I got it in control. I don't have a whole lot more to write or time. We e-mail our president every week too and I still need to do that. I have my talk all prepared and everything for next week. I'm not excited but it's prepared. I need dad to send me some good starter jokes. I love you guys so much and thanks for everything. Keep praying. After this week I definately know that God answer's prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a good week. I love you!!!

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