Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Mile High

Pikes Peak

Justin and I were lucky enough to have Kade come visit us in Denver one more weekend before he left. We had a lot of fun and Kade even learned how to iron a shirt from Justin. Hopefully he will remember what the expert taught him, Justin is pretty serious about his shirts. Kade reports to the MTC today. It has been a rough couple of days telling everyone goodbye for two years but we are all excited about Kade's upcoming experiences and adventures. I will post Kade's address as soon as I have it.

Kade and Justin at the Olympic Training Center

Kade and his favorite nephew, Remi


  1. He'll be such a wonderful missionary!

    What is Justin doing in that pic? I need to know.

  2. I think Justin is smelling the statue's armpit but I could be wrong, you know Justin.

  3. Look at your man..... now back at me..... I'm riding a horse.