Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 24, 2010 E-mails

I was supposed to be able to email you this morning but the email was down so we just barely got it set up. We just got back from doing inititories at the temple. It was way cool. I sent a letter to our house this morning so I won't say to much right now. You can type the letter up and email it out to everyone cause I didn't have time to write everyone. I also sent a letter to our house for Kevin. He didn't put the city or zip code in the address book. So if you could get that to him that would be awesome. This part is to dad. One of my roommates was saying how he hasn't even talked to his dad hardly at all since like August. So I just want to say thank you for always having a good relationship with me. That is a blessing in my life. But I'm doing way good. I'm loving it here! Some things I kind of want you to send are... A bathrobe, a longsleeve shirt, there is a black one in my closet that says willys garage on it, I need more ties that match with my black and brown suit that I can wear with brown, tic tacs cause I can't chew gum, and I can't think of what else but I think I wrote it all down in the letter. The debit card charge about that warcraft game was not from me that's for sure. And I might buy a mini quad here to have when I have to carry my spanish scriptures. For the spanish quad it's like $40, so not to expensive. I only have like two ties that match it. So yeah, this is the address you email me at I guess. So everything else I have to say is in the mail! You'll probably get it on friday or so. But keeping sending the letters, I love getting them! Tell everyone hi and that I love them all, especially Grandma and Grandpa. I love you all so much and am so grateful for the positive influences you have been on me. I wouldn't be who I am or where I am today if it wasn't for you. So have a good week and you'll be hearing from me soon.

Elder Schvaneveldt
I just got your letters and the package along with my drivers license and pin number. So do I keep using the same debit card? Thanks for the package. I really appreciate it. I can't really remember all the things you asked me, but yes dad, the brown shoes are just fine. They are actually more comfortable than the black ones. But both are comfy. I just talked to Weston about three minutes ago at dinner, he leaves next Tuesday night. He is pretty excited. As far as my departure date goes I'm not sure. If I get a second in the next few days I will ask them for sure. I kind of hope it is the 17th so I can see Nick for a minute. That would be way good. As soon as I sign on the email starts counting down from 30 minutes. It takes five minutes off for each time you sign on even if you only use one or two minutes. And the latest I can check it is six, but my class starts at 5:15. You'll have to tell me about that job that Tyler is interviewing for and if he gets it. Today we fasted for breakfast because one of the elders has been sick, then another sister has heart problems that she is trying to find out if she can get to the doctor for. So for lunch I ate way to much, and same for dinner. The food schedules are hard for me to get used to. Breakfast is from 7-7 30. Lunch is from 11 30-12 15. Dinner is from 4 30-5 15. That's the earliest I have ever eaten dinner! But I'm getting used to it. I also still have a hard time getting in bed at 10 30. I'm for sure not used to that one. Getting up hasn't been to bad yet. The first morning here I woke up extra early to try to beat the rush and get a hot shower. Well it turned out the water heater was messed up so I got up for a cold shower. I was ticked. But ever since then it has been fine. New missionaries came in today so hopefully I will know some more. But as of right now I see Elder Vincent, Elder Jacobs, Elder Petersen, Elder Tidwell, Elder Andersen, Elder Bauer, Elder Johnson, and Elder Stoker. They are all just kids from school. The one I see the most is Weston so that makes things really nice. Seems like I'm still asking him questions all the time. The way time goes by here is just to hard to explain. So slow but so fast at the same time. But I better head to class, they're pretty strict on being late. You will be getting a letter soon! Love you all!

Elder Schvaneveldt

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