Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 20, 2012 E-Mail

It was another crazy week.  We stayed really busy, and whenever that happens the time just really flies by.  And we were even able to find a few new investigators.  We tracted into a pretty old guy a little over a week ago and then we took him on a church tour this week.  I don't think he's really interested in what we are teaching, but more interested in the building itself.  But he's a really nice guy.  And then we met a kid named Larry.  Larry seems very prepared for the gospel at this time.  Some other missionaries met him at the library and gave us the referral.  He's only 19 years old and he has a girlfriend and a 1 year old daughter.  But they aren't living together.  I think their may be some arguing going on between them right now.  Well he's pretty much homeless and living in a motel room.  He started on drugs when he was about 13 and just got clean about 3 months ago.  And he also just got out of prison recently.  When he decided to quit doing drugs he pretty much had to turn his back on all of his family members.  Because they all do drugs.  So right now his life pretty much sucks.  We taught him a couple of times this past week and took him on a church tour and he loved it all.  The spirit was very strong.  Yesterday morning he called us so we could get him a ride to church.  We had it all set up and then he called right before and told us he had to go to the hospital because he has some heart problems.  And that's the last we have heard.  Hopefully we will make contact with him today or tomorrow.  The sister missionaries also told us about a lady that just showed up to church yesterday.  It turns out that she lives in our boundaries.  We should start teaching her soon.  We tract quit a bit and it doesn't always work, but I think it shows our faith and then we are always blessed with finding people in different ways.  A few non-members came to the singles ward yesterday with their friends too.  I think we will teach at least one of them this week.  So things are going great.  I'm sorry this is so short but this computer is messed up.  I feel like Nick in Argentina.  I can type a lot faster than it can think.  It has taken me a very long time just to get this much written down.  I know this church is true and I know that we are blessed as we are faithful and diligent.  We can have the guidance of the Holy Ghost just as Nephi had the Liahona.  We just need to apply our faith and do our part.  I love you all!  I hope you have a great week!

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