Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 15, 2011 E-Mail

We had a great week. We did end up moving last Tuesday. We are in a lot smaller of a place. We were really spoiled before. But it works out well. Our house is about 8 miles away at least from most of our work so we don't spend anytime there because we don't have the miles to be able to go back and forth for meals.

Everything is looking good with Alma to be baptized this Saturday. We saw a huge miracle with her last Tuesday. We went and visited her Monday evening and she had smoked 7 cigarettes that day. She was really discouraged because she hadn't been able to quit. Well we taught her about fasting and had planned to fast with her on Wednesday so that she would be able to quit. She had also read a part in the bible where it talked about fasting and prayer to overcome those types of things. Well Tuesday morning we were doing some service and when we finished we had a voicemail from her asking us to call her. The majority of the time that is not the best sign. So I called her back and she said you're never going to believe it, but I woke up and they're gone. So I said awesome! Don't go buy anymore. And she said no, I still have the cigarettes but the desire to smoke them is completely gone. She said she woke up and was praying and just felt the Holy Ghost touch her and the desire to smoke leave her. So she went outside because she didn't really believe what was happening. She grabbed a cigarette went out to light it and she never lit it. She hasn't smoked since Monday!! For the past 30 years she has been trying to quit and not been able to do it. Then she put all of her trust in the Lord, and she did it!! It's gotta be one of the craziest things I have seen my entire mission. We found her about 4-5 weeks ago. Within those weeks she has completely changed and gained a testimony of the restored gospel. She is by far the most prepared person I have seen. And she will be baptized on Saturday. We are very excited about that!! She is going to be an amazing addition to the ward. Last night when we were visiting her she told us that she didn't see Ms. Bonnie at church today, who is a recent convert also. But anyways she told us that she was going to go over and check up on her to make sure she was okay. She will be awesome in the relief society!!
I also had my testimony strengthened in prayer. We went to go see an investigator who was doing really well and preparing for baptism but then about 3 months ago she fell off the charts. We have tried to see her and talked to her a few times but never been able to teach her. Well last Friday we felt prompted to go and see her. We parked in front of her house and I said to my companion that we should say a prayer. So I prayed that we would be able to teach her and discover all of her concerns. Everything worked out perfectly. We got to the door and knocked and a visitor was leaving at the same time. So they had no excuses to not answer the door. Then she was right on the other side. So she came out and started talking to us. We hardly said anythig at all and she just unloaded all of her concerns about the church and everything on us. Then I felt really prompted to share a scripture with her. I turned to it and my companion looked at me and started to smile. He then said the exact scripture popped to his mind. We read it and she just said wow. And we have an appointment set up this week. So that's very exciting!
We also taught the lady who we gave the Book of Mormon to. The one who said she had been praying for that. We had a decent lesson with them. I feel that she is very prepared but her husband might cause some stumbling blocks. He is a great guy just doesn't really understand the restoration of the gospel.
Yesterday I spoke in sacrament about following the example of our Savior. I focused on the attributes. It just really reminded me how perfect he really is. And also how it's a commandment to become like him. We are so fortunate to have the restored gospel to help us along our journey to become more like him. To be able to be baptized by the proper authority then to go to church and partake of the sacrament that is blessed by the proper authority all so we can become more clean and become more like him. I love this gospel and I love you all! Thanks for everything!

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