Friday, July 8, 2011

June 27, 2011 E-Mail

It was a good week this week! We had a family get baptized on Saturday. And that is the first full family I have taught and seen baptized. It was sort of interesting because the dad didn't want anyone to come to the baptism. He was pretty nervous. So at the baptism was the family, me and my companion, the branch president and his wife. And that was it. But the spirit was still strong. It was neat because I got to baptize the dad, my companion baptized the little girl, then the branch president baptized the mom. It's so amazing to see the immediate change in someone after they are baptized and to see how they feel. Yesterday they got confirmed and the girl and the mom both asked the branch president to confirm them. Then one of the counselors from the mission presidency was there and he confirmed the dad. Well as soon as the little girl sat down, the branch president looked at me and asked me to do it. I hate talking in front of people in english, but in spanish it's even worse. But I didn't really have time to get nervous so it was okay. It's a great opportunity to have the priesthood power of God and to perfom His ordinances. I can't really remember a word I said when I confirmed her. It's just crazy to see how God and the spirit work.
I also gained a stronger testimony in fasting this week. Last Monday night a 14 year old girl from the ward came up missing. No one knew where she was or anything. So Friday we got a text that said there was going to be a special fast for her on Saturday. So I decided I would fast for her. Then last night we got a text that said she was back and that was it. It just made me realize that the cops were doing all they could and the community and she couldn't be found. But once you put things in the hands of God, they get taken care of.
We had our zone conference this past week and the mission introduced something they are doing in July. It's called "come to zion." The first week of July we are going to focus on finding people who have been prepared for baptism on July 30th. And we will start by fasting next Sunday for that. Then the second week we will focus on inviting them all to be baptized. Then the third week we will get them to activities for the 24th of July and also into members homes for lessons. Then the fourth week it is planned that every companionship in the mission will have at least one baptism. Then in August we will have a fast of gratitude. I'm really excited to see all the miracles that happen. Yesterday I got up in the ward and the branch to invite all of the members to also fast next Sunday for opportunities to share the gospel and to help us find the people who have been prepared for July 30th. Then last night we went and saw a couple who came to church yesterday and I invited them to be baptized on July 30th. I'm almost sure they will be. There names are Abel and Irma. They have come to church a couple of times now. We are also still working with Ruben to be baptized this next Saturday. I have the faith he will be. If not, it will be shortly after.
We have been seeing great things happen here. Transfers are in a couple of weeks and I really hope I get to stay here. I can finally communicate with the spanish people and I love it. But whatever God wants is what will happen!! I think today is the day that Joseph Smith was killed. I know he was a true prophet of God and that he restored the church. I know that by the power of God he translated the book of mormon and I know it is the word of God. He suffered so much so that we could have the true church here on the earth. I know that this is the true church. Thanks for all you do!! I love you all!

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