Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011 E-Mail

It was a good week this week. Really not to much happened. We did have one crazy story. We are working with a young couple right now and we had an appointment with them on Friday at 6. Well the girl texted us around 6 and told us that her boyfriend still hadn't come home from work. And he usually gets off at 2. So we told her to text us when he got home and we would go down and visit them. Well we never heard from her. So we texted her that night and asked if he came home and she said no. So the next morning we texted her to try and set up an appointment and she said he still hadn't come home. So she started to get really worried and practically texted us the whole day because she didn't know what to do. Well around 6 on Saturday night she texted us and told us to come down because he was home and she was going to be kicking him out and he would need help moving his stuff out. So we went by and got the fellowshipper who goes and visits them with us because we didn't really know what kind of situation it would be. Well they live all the way at the bottom of a dirt road and as we were driving down the dirt road we saw some guy laying in the middle of the road and another guy was giving him cpr. Well it was the boyfriend and the girls dad that was giving him cpr. So we hurried and parked and ran up to them and he wasn't breathing. A few minutes later he started to breath and the ambulance and everything showed up. I guess he got nervous when he got back home because he saw the girl and her dad so he grabbed his dogs and started walking up the road. So they got in the car to go get him and just saw him fall on his face. It looked like he had a seizure. We don't know what happend but they hauled him off in the ambulance. Then we went to leave after everyone had left and we got stuck in our car. Because we parked a little bit in a ditch and there was a ton of gravel and the dirt was really soft. So someone driving by had to pull us out. By that point it had been a really crazy day. Then Sunday morning we woke up and had a text that said he had been using meth and drinking alcohol. It was just really crazy because he seemed to be doing so well when we were teaching him. But last night he text us and told us how he really wants to change his life and was asking if we would still be willing to help him. So we are going to go and see them today. It just really opened my eyes on how the commandments and the gospel bless our lives. Of course we are still going to go through hard times, but we are just so much happier and better off when we do what God wants us to do. It also made me realize that some times God gives us certain trials to help us be stronger in the end. I think this was a big eye opening experience for him that lead him to want to change. We went and visited another guy who was baptized not long ago and he had a similiar story. His wife had been a member for about 6 years but he didn't really believe in God and liked to drink. Well one night he was drinking and rolled his car. He realized that was an experience that God gave to him to help change his life. He was then baptized and has never been happier. I know that the gospel truly can bless us if we follow the counsel from the scriptures and modern day prophets.

We should be having another baptism this upcoming Saturday for Rode. He came to church yesterday for his third time and the craziest part is that he came alone. His family members who are members of the church couldn't make it. I called him yesterday morning and he said he wasn't going to be able to make it because his shoulder hurt. He works at a potato factory and lifts sacks of potatoes all day. So we were sort of bummed and thought he wouldn't make it, but he came. So we are looking forward to next Saturday. It's getting a little tough to find people who can come to church because working is really picking up. Dad asked what kinds of trees and stuff are around here. Well there are a ton of grapes, cherries, apples, and apricots. There are also a lot of potato fields, alfalfa, timothy, wheat, onion, corn, and peas. It's pretty much pure farm country. There is also asparagus. That one is tough because they work 7 days a week and rough hours. And as soon as that ends the cherry picking starts. And that will go 7 days a week for however long it will take. The weather hasn't been real good so the farmers are all a little upset. But the last few days it's really warmed up. That has pretty much been my week here. I love what I'm doing and I love sharing the gospel with those who don't have it. It truly has helped me to receive a testimony that this is the true church. I'm so grateful for all of you and your love and support. Have a great week!

Love Elder Schvaneveldt

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