Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 25 E-Mail

So things have been great this week.  We were able to invite an investigator to be baptized.  Her name is Evalina Sandoval.  She is really progressing and came and watched the primary program yesterday and she really liked it.  It was pretty cool.  We also are teaching a guy in our ward who's family are all members but he isn't.  He has had some life changing experiences and has had a softened heart and is ready to accept the gospel so that has been really cool to see.  Brian Cooper is also really progressing.  Oh yeah, I guess the big news of the week is that my companion got his Visa and will be leaving tomorrow.  So I will get another Elder who hasn't been out very long at all.  He will be here until at least next week.  Then who knows what will happen with transfers.  I'm curious to find out.  This last transfer just flew by.  What mission is Kyle Hoopes going to?  My companion is going to Mexico City North.  So he is sad to leave but also very excited.  It will be a lot different there than it is here.  We had our zone conference this last week and it was all on the Book of Mormon.  It is so essential to our faith, the keystone.  Without a witness that the Book of Mormon is true, our investigators get no where.  It really was a testimony builder for me that we need to study it every day.  Our mission President gave us the same challenge I know some of my friends have been given.  To get a brand new copy of the Book of Mormon and mark everywhere that it refers to the Savior.  It really is another testament of Jesus Christ.  So it was really good and a motivating conference to make sure our investigators are reading from the Book of Mormon and specifically praying to know if it is true.  Which our investigators are starting too.  We have some really amazing investigators right now.  I am very excited because I know some of them are going to be baptized.  Jesus hasn't had his interview yet, but he will soon.  He is back to only working one job so his life will slow down a little bit now.  Something crazy happened this week.  We met this bi-polar guy who would change the subject like every 30 seconds.  Well it turns out he is like one of the worlds best cage fighters.  Anyways, he was a nice guy but it felt like at any second if we would have said one thing wrong he would have flipped out and killed us.  It was nuts.  He has a plan to go high up in the Jehovah's Witness church and then start preaching mormon doctrine.  It was very interesting lets just leave it at that.  The scariest part is he lives right down the road from us!  So we are trying to lay low when we go into our house so he doesn't see us.  So that was pretty much our week.  One day we had zone conference and then the next I went into a different area on exchanges.  So my companion did most of the work with our investigators.  So hopefully I can pick up where he left off.  He is an amazing missionary and I wish he could stay.  But he needs to go to Mexico.  Yes Mom, I had to get an ultrasound.  When I got my blood test, my liver counts were a little high.  But quit freaking out cause they aren't that high.  So I had an ultrasound and everything looks fine.  So I had another blood test today, if he can't find anything on that then I go back in in like a month and have another blood test.  Long story short he said it's something he wants to get to the bottom of but it is nothing to freak out about.  So I'm fine.  I have a copy of it that I'm gonna send to Kristin in the next couple weeks depending on when I have time to go to the post office.  We might go to Leavenworth today because my companion wants to see it before he leaves.  And we are already running late because of the Doctor then we went to lunch with the Pedersens.  So I really don't have much more time.  I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  So read it.  Cause it really will bless your lives!!  Our challenge was to read it by the end of the year.  So I give you all the same challenge.  I love you so much.  Thanks for everything.

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